Do you know a remarkable person in the film industry? Now is the time to recognize their fabulous contributions with a WIFT-AT WAVE Award nomination!

WAVE Awards celebrate exceptional individuals working in film, television, or screen-based media for their:

  • Contributions and accomplishments
  • Emerging talent
  • Vision and leadership
  • Outstanding behind-the-scenes support

Award recipients will be announced at the WIFT-AT Making Waves conference’s closing networking reception on March 27, 2022.  

Nomination Steps

A nomination submission must include the following: 

  1. A nomination pitch write-up (500 words max.).
    This document should convincingly detail why your nominee should be recognized by WIFT-AT. Consider any volunteer work, awards, and achievements you feel the person should be recognized for.
  2. A résumé and/or filmography of the nominee.
  3. Contact information for both yourself and the nominee.
  4. One letter of recommendation.
  5. Optional: an additional letter of support. (No more than two letters of support per nomination please.)

There is no limit on the number of nominations submitted by any one person. If you have previously submitted a nomination that was not selected, please consider resubmitting. All nominations are kept confidential, and there is a new selection committee each year.


All nominations must be received by email to by Friday, March 18th at midnight, AST.

Questions about the nomination process? 

Words from Previous WAVE Recipients

“Receiving the WAVE Award was both a humbling and an exhilarating experience. One works at making a contribution to the film industry out of passion and love, and so winning an award for doing something one chooses is especially satisfying. And in this arts-thriving region receiving the WAVE joins me to the impressive list of amazing women who have come before me. I am so grateful and proud to have received it, and hope a whole new generation of women continue to make waves in our special part of the country.”

– Noreen Golfman, 2014 WAVE Award Recipient

“To be honoured by Women in Film and Television was an absolute delight for me  because women understand just how difficult it is to survive in the world of film making. The landscape is shifting around us at an extraordinary rate and we have to find more ingenious ways to get our work onto the screen. We are still sadly under-represented in the film and television industry and our efforts to correct that imbalance are crucial to our own survival and that of future generations of women film makers.”

– Barbara Doran, 2014 WAVE Award Recipient

“The WIFT-AT WAVE Awards celebrate the smart, strong and talented women working in Atlantic Canada’s audiovisual industry. The list of winners is a remarkable group of accomplished women and I was truly honoured to be recognized among these names.”

– Linda Wood, 2014 WAVE Award Recipient