Do you know a remarkable, inspiring, talented woman or gender-diverse person in the film industry? Now is the time to recognize their contributions with a WIFT-AT WAVE Award nomination!

WAVE Awards celebrate:

  • Contributions and accomplishments
  • Emerging talent
  • Vision and leadership
  • Outstanding behind-the-scenes support

The WAVE Awards will be presented at the Making Waves conference.  

Nomination Steps

A nomination submission must include the following: 

• A nomination pitch write-up (maximum 500 words)

This document should convincingly detail why your nominee should be recognized by WIFT-AT. Consider any volunteer work, awards, and achievements you feel the person should be recognized for.

•  A résumé and/or filmography of the nominee.

• Contact information for both yourself and the nominee.

• One letter of recommendation from an industry professional. (Optional: An additional letter of support. No more than two letters of support per nomination please.)

There is no limit on the number of nominations submitted by any one person. If you have previously submitted a nomination that was not selected, please consider resubmitting.
All nominations are kept confidential, and there is a new selection committee each year.


All nominations must be received by email to (subject line: WAVE nominee) by March 28 at 11:59 PM AST.

Questions about the nomination process? Contact:

Previous WAVE Recipients

2023: Jessica Brown, Britany Sparrow, Jenna MacMillan

2022: Koumbie, Laura Mackenzie, Jennifer Hawley

2021: Gia Milani, Liesl Mulholland, Ariella Pahlke

2020: Debi Jonatanson, Kristin Arason, Kimberlee McTaggart, and Deanne Foley

2019: Juanita Peters, Teresa MacInnes, and Ruth Lawrence

2018: Janet Hawkwood, Rachel Bower, and Terry Greenlaw

2017: Ann Bernier, Christine McLean, Donna Davies

2016: Lara Cassidy, Annette Clarke, and Dominique Gusset

2015: Catherine Martin, Renee Laprise and Marlene Cahill

2014: Barbara Doran, Noreen Golfman and Linda Wood

2013: Lisa Rose Snow, Angie Kokic, and Louise Lalonde

2012: Jennice Ripley, Sylvia Hamilton, and Jan Miller

2011: Jean Smith, Ann Verrall, Cheryl Wagner, and Cat LeBlanc