Welcome Lauren Unsworth, Operations Manager

Lauren joined WIFT-AT in a part time capacity this January and will be responsible for daily operations including working on the upcoming 2024 edition of the Making Waves conference. Welcome, Lauren!

More about Lauren:

Lauren moved to Lunenburg in April 2020 where she worked as the Lead Coordinator at Lunenburg Doc Fest for 3 years. There she realized her love for the film and documentary industry. Lauren was involved in a wide range of tasks from programming to organizing events and communications. Experiencing the positive influence of nonprofits and networking inspired Lauren to join WIFT-AT and be a part of advancing the careers of women and gender-diverse people working in film, television and screen-based media.  Prior to Lunenburg, Lauren studied Anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal, which inspired an itch to travel—leading Lauren to work on tall ships around the world as a deckhand for several years. In her free time, Lauren is thrifting around the province for treasures to include in her online vintage business.

New WIFT-AT Board Members

In addition to a new face on the operations side of things, we have also welcomed several new board members by appointment on January 29, 2024.

Welcome executive members Terry Greenlaw, Vice Chair and Fundraising Lead, Jan Miller, Board Revitalization, Kim McTaggart, Treasurer, along with members, Jahan Bloch PEI, Mel Hennigar NS, Jenna MacMillan PEI, and Chrissy King NS.

These new members join existing board members Tracey Lavigne and Melãnie Mendez Munden, who have accepted executive roles as Chair and Secretary, respectively, along with member Kelsey Power. 

Learn more about our board and WIFT-AT staff here.

We’re pleased to have these new members join our Board and are looking forward to diving into some exciting initiatives in the coming months.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to our out-going board members as well as WIFT-AT’s executive director. Your hard work and contributions have been integral toward advancing the Atlantic Canadian film and television industry.