By Amy Grace

As with many of the women involved in WIFT-AT, Pamela Callow joined the board with an already extensive creative background that adds depth and dynamic range to the WIFT-AT organization.

When asked how she would describe herself and her journey in the film and television industry, Pamela chuckled and attributed her first love of reading and writing as the driving force in her life. Although she attended law school, passed the bar, received her master’s in public administration, and was recruited and worked at an International Consulting firm, a series of events led her to revisit her first passion in writing and the art of storytelling.

Pamela’s drive led her to publish her novel Damaged and write three more books which became the Kate Lange thriller series. After buying the series rights, she grew her readership from 400k to over a million readers. Recognizing the series was attractive to the film and television industry, she learned the art of screenwriting, which led her to find and become more involved with WIFT-AT. 

Pamela was on the fundraising committee for the 2020 Women Making Waves conference. Wanting to help more, she joined the WIFT-AT board. Pamela believes strongly in and is supportive of the mission and vision of WIFT-AT and is looking forward to continuing to contribute in whatever way she can.

“I love the diverse perspectives and experiences of these dynamic women. 2020 has created significant shifts in the industry, and it’s an exciting time to be involved in WIFT-AT. To work with members to expand on opportunities for this industry.”

Pamela is currently working with an L.A.-based producer in phase one of the FILM 5 program at AFCOOP while also working on her fifth novel.


Always take opportunities even if they are not exactly what you wanted or are looking for. Explore every opportunity you are given; you don’t know where it will lead. Even when you are out of your comfort zone or when you feel imposter syndrome, take action.