Member Profile – Danielle d’Entremont

By Brenda Malley

Unlike so many that enter the world of filmmaking, Danielle’s foray into the film community was initially for pragmatic reasons. In 2018, her life as a Medium intertwined with film. It resulted in a door opening to a significant change in her life trajectory. 

From an early age, Danielle would experience what she describes as pixilated, vibrating energy whenever her attention tuned into her physical environment. However, it was not until her early 20’s that she realized that this energy was a spiritual gift and more common than one may think. By tapping into this energy, Danielle serves as a conduit through which she can channel something from a person’s past, be it a memory, an item, person, etc., and do it in a way that is humorous and contributes to the person’s health and wellbeing. She considers laughter to be the purest expression of a person’s being.

She credits other like-minded individuals who contributed, and continue to contribute, to her spiritual growth over the years, including those who promote the law of attraction. The basic premise of this philosophy is that life events are not haphazard, random events. Instead, whatever you put out to the universe, positive or negative, is what you will attract. We are in control of our own lives and captains of our fortune or misfortune.

When called upon to share her spiritual gift through individual interactions or public venues around New Brunswick and other parts of the Maritimes, she tries her best to do it with sensitivity and humour. 

Danielle understands that there exist skeptics who question spiritual abilities like hers. For that reason, in 2018, she joined the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-op with the specific intent of creating and producing her own television series. Danielle directed a pilot episode with a plan to advance mainstream knowledge of various spiritual experiences such as clairvoyants, shamanism, etc. She also completed writing the entire first season and has concepts for other seasons.  To her surprise, this experience taught her that the timing was not right to move forward with this project.
Danielle is beyond thankful for this experience as she has learned a lot as a woman in filmmaking, in large part through the wisdom of other filmmakers, including some strong and generous women. She became enthralled with all aspects of filmmaking, both in front and behind the camera. She believes that she will eventually earn her livelihood in the film industry in one capacity or another with patience and hard work.

So far, this hard work has meant pursuing every opportunity that comes her way. She has taken film workshops through New Brunswick Film Co-op, did hair and make-up on short films, and has played supportive roles in Brenda Malley’s film Digi-Dating, Anyone? and Michael Stafford’s television series, Strongside. Danielle understands the vital role networking plays in the film world, and in 2019 she was one of several people chosen to volunteer at the Toronto Film Festival, an opportunity she considers invaluable.

Her opportunities have even stretched beyond Canada through social media as she has used her administrative skills and acute attention to detail on films produced in  New Zealand and England. Had the pandemic not occurred, Danielle would have been preparing for a month in New Zealand and a week in Montreal to work on a feature film.