Some Highlights from Making Waves 2022!

It’s been almost a whole month since Making Waves 2022 and we are still buzzing from the energy that was shared during this year’s conference!
Incredibly illuminating conversations were sparked by our wonderful speakers, and fanned by the experiences of those who participated. 

Read on for one participant’s perspective, and highlights from conversations and workshops.

“WIFT-AT Making Waves 2022 was an absolute revelation to me. The films screened were some of the best I’ve seen in months, the workshops were varied and yet somehow still all incredibly interesting and relevant, and I got to meet and connect with fabulous people in my local industry.

While all the workshops and panels were, and I can’t say this enough, absolutely stellar, I really want to single out Eliza Knockwood and Renee Laprise’s talk on Decolonizing the Set. It was both moving and eye-opening. I hadn’t realized that the kind of care and harm reduction they presented from their lived experience was even possible in this industry. I’ve left many a set feeling deflated, used and/or borderline abused and always just put up with it as the way things were supposed to be done, telling myself that I simply needed a thicker skin. This panel had me feeling hopeful and grateful to the presenters for showing me a better way.

Making Waves was everything I didn’t know I needed and more. It was supportive, collaborative, and was the right amount of inspiration to best prepare me for the busy film season ahead.” 

-Nancy Kenny (she/her), Nova Scotia
Actor, writer, producer, social media & arts marketing professional

Spotlight Conversation with Sahraa Karimi

We were thrilled to enjoy Toronto-based filmmaker and film programmer Aisha Jamal’s conversation with Sahraa Karimi (director, activist, and first female chair of the Afghan Film Organization). Sahraa shared her personal experiences living in, and eventually fleeing Afghanistan last spring. This conversation highlighted how the language of film can be used as a voice for change.

Screenwriting Workshop with Cynthia Knight

Cynthia condensed her six-week writing workshop into an excellent tutorial on how to start, refine, and pitch a TV series. The way Cynthia broke down this process made it accessible and exciting! Every minute of this session held a valuable pearl of wisdom.

For more info about Cynthia and her courses you can check out her website:

Decolonizing the Set Webinar and
The Introduction to the Circle of Life Workshop 

On Saturday participants enjoyed a conversation with Director Eliza Knockwood, Producer Renee Laprise, and moderator Elizabeth Hicks. They revealed how indigenous values guided the production of docu-series The Ice Walk, presenting a case study of a healthier filmmaking process. 
The following day Eliza led us through her Introduction to the Circle of Life workshopwhich focused on inward exploration of individual values, and how to translate them into our lives, on and off set. The exercises brought up common struggles of life in the industry, of how burnout and exploitation seem inevitable. However, the sharing of experiences and identifying ways to move through work without forfeiting our needs was inspiring. Eliza provided the space to acknowledge what drains our energy and passion, and how to take the first steps towards creating the kind of environment we want to work in.

We really enjoyed how the conversation from one session flowed into the other, which made for a deeper understanding. 

The Ice Walk docu-series is available through Bell Fibe TV1 
Click here to watch the trailer.


It’s said that there are pros and cons to virtual events, but networking presents very particular challenges. Participants enjoyed how Remo approximates the ability to mingle from table to table, and noticed the improvements in the platform over last year.

It was great to meet and learn about our participants! The mix of people who are fresh-to-the-scene, and seasoned industry professionals is great to see, and conversations proved that there is always something to be learned no matter your experience level.

Thanks to our incredible speakers!

There is so much more we could say about each and every session. We appreciate the level of expertise and openness of all our speakers, and are grateful that they chose to join us for Making Waves 2022.

Yarit Dor– Intimacy Coordinator & Instructor
Jennifer Holness– Director, Writer & Producer: Subjects of Desire
Kayla Borden– Creative, Organizer
Becky Parsons– Cinematographer
Gil Anderson– Actor, ACTRA Maritimes Branch Council Secretary
Maya Henry– Actor & Social Media Content Creator
Anna Hopkins– Actor, Screenwriter, & Director
Reid Price– Actor
Cynthia Knight– Screenwriter & Instructor
Eliza Knockwood– Creative Director, Spiritual Film Artist & Writer
Renee Laprise– Producer
Elizabeth Hicks– Actor, Writer & Filmmaker
Sahraa Karimi– Director, Activist
Aisha Jamal–  Filmmaker, Film Programmer

Congratulations to our 2022 recipients, and thank you to all who were nominated for your incredible and inspiring work!

Learn more about the work of Jennifer, Koumbie, and Laura here!

The Wave Awards celebrate exceptional individuals working in film, television, or screen-based media for their contributions and accomplishments, vision and leadership, emerging talent, and outstanding behind the scenes support. 

This year’s virtual screenings:

Run Woman Run is a magical anti-rom com about Beck, a bereaved single mom who has lost her passion for life and for her Mohawk language after the death of her mom.

Learn more about this film

Learn more about this film

Subjects of Desire explores the cultural shift in North American beauty standards towards embracing Black female aesthetics and features while exposing the deliberate and often dangerous portrayals of Black women in the media.

Learn more about this film

Thank you to our 2022 sponsors!

Making Waves 2022 Team

This is the team that made this year’s conference possible! 

(From top left)
Joanne Kerrigan- WIFT-AT Executive Director
Ellie Rideout- Communications Coordinator
Rachel Moore- Program Coordinator
Morgan Salter- Conference Producer
Bonnie Fraser- Digital Development Coordinator
Ryan Blair- Tech Support

(Not pictured) ASL Interpreters-
Corinna Burris and Monica Lis-Clarke