Announced at the 10th Annual Women Making Waves conference in March 2020, WIFT-AT’s Mentor Match Program, supported by Telefilm Canada, was launched in April 2020. The goal of this program was to provide members at different levels of experience, the formalized opportunity to learn from, guide, and support each other through a series of focused one-on-one sessions over a nine-month period

In partnership with Telefilm Canada, this program allows WIFT-AT members to gain mentorship through a hand-picked industry mentor. The pairing is based on what the member is looking to acquire through one on one sessions taking place over several months.

For two years now we have been able to offer our membership a formal mentorship program thanks to the generous support of Telefilm Canada. This mentorship consists of a mentee – a member of WIFT-AT – applying to this program seeking to benefit from being paired with a mentor. They may be wishing to 

  • Develop their craft through one-on-one conversations with a mentor
  • Be seeking help in establishing a career and personal development goals
  • Want to gain a better understanding of the industry and the expectations 
  • Or, expand their network and build their confidence

Once WIFT-AT mentees have been selected, a committee hand picks an appropriate Canadian industry professional to become their mentor based on a matching of what they can offer to help this mentee achieve their goals.

This mentor/ mentee relationship is supported and consists of focused one-on-one sessions over several months while meeting program mandates. Mentee participants are also given opportunities to network amongst themselves. So far, each yearly cohort of pairings has been called for in May and decided upon and announced in June at WIFT–AT’s AGM. The program also aims to tangibly increase representation and gender equity within the screen industry.

Please check back to see what this program will look like for 2022!

The 2021 – 2022 Mentor Match application process is now closed and will run until March 2022.

Together we can utilize mentoring as an effective tool to help neutralize gender bias and build strong support networks and personal connections. As best we can, we match mentors to mentees in the preferred area of interest of both parties.

The program currently includes four virtual mentor/mentee meetings, as well as virtual “Mentee Match Mixers” every 6-8 weeks – providing plenty of opportunities to mingle and network with fellow participants!

The WIFT-AT Mentor Match program is open to WIFT-AT members in good standing. To become a member, visit our membership page.

There are a limited number of sponsored memberships available for applicants for whom the membership fee would be a barrier to applying. Applicants should specify in their Letter of Intent that sponsorship of their membership would be a help to them.

Though we thank all prospective mentees who apply, priority will be given to applications from those who reside in the Atlantic provinces.

The application process required the following: 

  • Letter of Intent (500 words / 2 pages maximum)
  • What you want to gain from the program 
  • What area of focus are you looking for mentorship in
  • What specific skills are you looking to develop 
  • Your goals in the industry 
  • Any additional information you feel is relevant for consideration 
  • Short Biography (150 words maximum)
  • CV (2 pages maximum)

Priority is given to Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, People with Disabilities, and LGBTQ2S applicants in keeping with encouraging equity, diversity, and inclusion in all of our programming. Assistance from WIFT–AT staff is offered if needed. 

Please check back to see what is required to apply for the 2022/2023 Mentor Match Program!

Mentorships have been identified by WIFT-AT members as something they want and need. They are effective opportunities to learn from others in the industry. 

WIFT-AT invites expressions of interest from industry professionals wishing to join our WIFT-AT Mentor Match’s roster of valued mentors. 

Mentors benefit from this program by building their networks and making new connections with both established and emerging talent in the industry. 

They can offer a rewarding experience, give back to their community, and have the opportunity to help shape the future of the industry by contributing significantly to their mentee’s growth and development. 

For more information, please contact us by email at