2011 Women Making Waves Schedule of Events

Women Making Waves Schedule and Highlights

(DRAFT update January 9)

Friday, March 4, 7:30 pm  – Get Together and Gab

Saturday, March 5, 8:15 am  - Registration & Continental Breakfast (Mount Saint Vincent University)

9:15 am  – Journalist Christine McLean hosts a Conversation with Patricia Rozema Patricia Rozema‘s feature film credits include I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing, White Room, When Night is Falling, Mansfield Park and Kit Kittredge: An American Girl among others. Rozema won an Emmy Award and was nominated for a Grammy for her film Six Gestures, part of the series Yo-Yo Ma: Inspired by Bach. Her television credits include the The Beckett Film Project’s Happy Days, the pilot and 2 subsequent episodes of the HBO series Tell Me You Love Me, and most recently, an episode of the critically acclaimed HBO series In Treatment. Rozema received a PEN USA nomination and an Emmy nomination for outstanding writing for her work on the HBO movie Grey Gardens, starring Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore.

10:30 am – Coffee Klatch

10:45 am – Two Generations, One Goal: Women in Documentary

It has never been a more challenging time for Atlantic documentary filmmakers. In spite of  this, seasoned filmmaker Barbara Doran (NFLD) and emerging documentarian Millefiore Clarkes (PEI) continue to make their films but in very different ways. With shrinking licenses and decreased access to mainstream funding, Barbara is managing to continue to make television documentaries. Alternatively, Mille is exploring the Internet, crowd sourcing and social media with the goal of finding an audience who will support her work. Please join this intimate conversation that will explore the core issues of what drives us to make documentaries, what it takes to get them made and what the impact of this transition is having on creative content. More than any other time, these two generations of filmmakers can teach us, and perhaps each other, where documentary is heading and what we need to do to ensure it continues to thrive as a genre.

12:00 noon – Meet & Mingle Lunch

1:15 pm  – 3 Workshops

Working with Actors with Patricia Rozema.  Interacting with the workshop audience, Patricia will work with two professional actors, directing them through a selection of scenes from Blue Valentine.

Evan Jones stitches together creative journeysfor Redress Remix – Stitch Media’s ‘living’ documentary project which won a Canada New Media Award for ‘Best in Canadian Culture’ this month; Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour – their soon-to-release epic interactive project with the follow-up series from the cast of the Trailer Park Boys; Moderation Town – a Film NS/IPF funded web series with Showcase.ca that’s just launching; Sarah Connor Chronicles – an ARG designed for Fox Television for hardcore Terminator fans

Below The Line Workshop in the works

3:15 pm – Coffee Klatch

3:30 pm – The ROAR about Horror

A discussion of women as the object of violence in this genre.  How we feel. What we want. How to get it.  This panel is also in the works but includes Donna Davies (Pretty Bloody) with her fascinating research interviewing all the key players (both male and female) in this genre – from those who make the films, to those starring in the films to those producing the films – and how this research changed her perspective; Miriam Elchanan of US based Fabrication Films who has also done a great deal of research on this genre and believes that there are 3 choices to address violence against women in horror films: 1) imposed censorship 2) self censorship or 3)taking ownership of the genre.

5:15 pm  – (Depart MSVU)

6:00  pm – Dining Together

8:00 pm – Screening Park Lane

10:00 pm – Get Together and Gab

SUNDAY, March 6th 10:30 am  -  Christine McLean in a conversation with Andrea Dorfman

Andrea Dorfman is an artist and filmmaker based in Halifax, NS. After making several short experimental and dramatic films, Dorfman then produced, wrote, shot and directed her first feature film, Parsley Days (2000). It premiered to great acclaim at the Toronto International Film Festival and was named one of Canada’s Top Ten. Following this she directed three seasons of the award-winning CBC-TV series “Street Cents” from 2000 to 2003 and then Dorfman made her sophomore feature Love That Boy (2003), which was screened at festivals around the world. This was followed by her short film, There’s A Flower in my Pedal (2004) which received the runner up to Best Short at the Toronto Film Festival ’05. Her first documentary, Sluts (2005) made for the IFC and Life Network, explores the mythology surrounding high school students labeled ‘slut’, won Best Documentary at the Atlantic Film Festival (’05). Dorfman is currently working in animation, having recently finished her award winning film with the National Film Board, Flawed. She is also in development on her third feature, Harmony and is working on another animation at the NFB. Dorfman is a part time instructor in film and video at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and is co-creator of Blowhard, a thematic storytelling series running in Halifax for the past two years.

12  noon – WAVE Awards Brunch

Introducing the WIFT Wave Awards

In keeping with one of WIFT-Atlantic’s primary goals, to celebrate the work of Atlantic women in the Screen Industry, the WIFT-AT Board is happy to announce the first WIFT Wave Awards which will be handed out Sunday, March 6th, at the Women Making Waves Awards Brunch.

Unlike traditional awards, there will be no categories for the Wave Awards. The goal is to salute women in the Atlantic Screen Industry for their:

  • Contributions
  • Accomplishments
  • Emerging talent
  • Vision
  • Leadership
  • Dedication
  • Outstanding behind-the-scene support

Best of all, anyone from the four Atlantic Provinces can submit a nomination for these awards.

2:00 pm

It’s  a WMW Wrap until next year!

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