Videos from WMW 2011

WIFT-AT proudly presents these videos from Women Making Waves, March 2011

Keynote: WIFT-AT board member and journalist Christine McLean interviews Patricia Rozema at Women Making Waves 2011

Patricia Rozema – A Voyage of Discovery from madeline yakimchuk on Vimeo.

Journalist Christine McLean navigates the life of Canadian filmmaker Patricia Rozema during this interview which took place at the Women in Film and Television Atlantic (WIFT-AT) conference Women Making Waves – March 2011

The Roar About Horror

Donna Davies navigates the world of Horror during this ROAR ABOUT HORROR panel.

ROAR ABOUT HORROR from madeline yakimchuk on Vimeo.

Two Generations – One Goal (Women in Documentary

This panel, moderated by Sylvia Hamilton and featuring Barbara Doran and Millefiore Clarkes, was organized by DOC Atlantic (Teresa MacInnes), and taped through the financial support of DOC National and WIFT-AT.

Two Generations – One Goal (Women in Documentary) from madeline yakimchuk on Vimeo.

Videography donated by GRYPHON media productions (madeline yakimchuk)

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