WIFT-AT Wave Awards 2011 Winner: Ann Verrall

In a career spanning over twenty years, she has made great personal strides and impacted many lives in our community. As a compelling filmmaker and talented educator, she recognizes the needs of underrepresented communities to have a voice in the independent and artistic screen industry. She provides them with training and access to technical excellence.

She wrote and directed numerous award winning shorts and a feature film. Her work spans from experimental video art to drama, and her films have been screened at festivals in Canada, USA, England and Australia, and have been broadcasted on CBC, Movieola, MTV Logo, Super Channel and Air Canada.

In tandem with her own filmmaking, she has taught at NSCAD University and the University of Regina where she was a filmmaker in residence. She has mentored women and emerging artists entering the film industry through her direction and design of the Moving Images and Short Works programs. In 2006, she developed a music-based video program for youth. Since then, she has directed nine projects in Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan with African Nova Scotia and First Nations communities to explore themes of identity, voting, teen pregnancy, gang violence, judgment, education and language.

She has built bridges between artists, disciplines, generations and communities. She is tireless in her innovation and relentless in her dedication to creating opportunities where none existed previously. Her work and commitment has changed the landscape of filmmaking in Nova Scotia.

For her vision and accomplishment this WAVE Award goes to:

WIFT-AT Wave Awards 2011

Vision and Accomplishment:ANN VERRALL

NOMINATED BY Catherine Phoenix

Thanks to social media savvy Eva Madden-Hagen for live-tweeting with photos and posts.

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