Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012

Britany Sparrow 150x150 Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012Welcome
Britany Sparrow

Hello again! I hope the spring weather is finding everyone. In this issue, we spotlight Wanda Carroll, our 101st member, and talk about our championing program, and hear about two Moncton events that involved WIFT-AT members.



Spotlight Wanda1 150x150 Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012Member Spotlight: Wanda Carroll

Who you are and where are you from?
I am Wanda Carroll. I was born and raised in Newfoundland. I left home after high school and have since lived in Halifax and Toronto.  I now call Sheffield Mills in the Annapolis Valley home.

What do you do?
I write, produce, perform, rant, tell stories and make people laugh! My first one woman show, The Road less Gravelled has played to sold out houses across Canada including at the Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Atlantic Fringe Festivals. I have been invited to numerous festivals, including an encore performance at this year’s Gros Morne Theatre Festival in Cow Head, Newfoundland. The Road is a collection of humorous stories about growing up in Northern Newfoundland in the 1970’s.   The show is classic Newfoundland humour with stories like “The Bat’room story”, which tends to be a crowd favourite. In my second one woman show, Beyond the Road Less Gravelled, I tell the stories of moving to the “Mainland,” my elusive search for Mr. Right and my life’s one true purpose. It debuted at the 2010 Atlantic Fringe Festival and was one of that year’s top selling shows. I am currently writing the last instalment of the Road Trilogy, The End of the Road Less Gravelled, which I hope to take to this year’s Atlantic Fringe Festival. When I moved to the Valley a few years ago one of my goals was to start a theatre festival for women. After many years in the male dominated comedy world I was frustrated to say the least. “I went to comedy school, I cried a lot” is the name of that story, told in my latest show. In October 2010, I launched WTF……Wanda’s Theatre Festival, a festival meant to give women a voice on stage, at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville. My first year was a wonderful success with one show selling out and in 2011, ticket sales doubled! The festival is over three nights. The first night is Stand-up Ladies , the second night is TBA, and the third night is always   starring me doing one of my one woman shows! This year’s festival will be October 18-20, 2012 at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. I am currently looking for a venue to launch a monthly female comedy night in Halifax. In my spare time I love to garden and walk my dogs!

What drew you into the industry?
I was born to be a performer and did so from an early age. It is not so much that I was drawn into the industry so much as I really have nowhere else to go. Although I have never earned a living being a full time actor/performer, my soul has been well fed and my dreams live on.

What is the best and worst part of being a woman in the film/television industry in the Atlantic Provinces?
As I am just entering the film and television world I am not sure I can answer that one except to say that the challenges women face are not restricted to our region of the world or this industry but are universal.  As women we are underutilized and I believe marginalized in many industries. I am passionate about the increasing role women must play in the world. So I guess the best would be seeing the amazing talent we have here and the worse would be the social and industry obstacles we have in the way of such talent!

Tell us what being championed by Patricia Leger means to you and why you’re excited to be a WIFT-AT member.
I was honoured when Patricia gave me the membership. She is quite an accomplished lady and I hope to work with her some day. I think a Newfies/Acadian thing would be really funny! I will have to chat with Patricia about that! I am really excited to become a member of WIFT-AT. I recently heard someone say that without ever realizing it, they had been working on “keeping themselves small”. I am the artist constantly getting in her own way and keeping herself small. I want to change that and put myself out there more. I want to seek out directors and producers who can help me tell my stories to a wider audience. www.wandacarroll.com

The Champion Program

WIFT-AT’s championing program allows individuals or organizations to sponsor or cover the cost of memberships for women in the four provinces who might not otherwise be able to afford it, and also provides financial assistance to members for some of our more costly events. Interested in being a champion? E-mail us at info@wift-at.com for more information!

Current champions are as follows:

Teri Anderson  – WMW student bursary for Sarah Smith
Bill Niven
– WMW student bursary for Gwyneth Christoffel
John Walker
– WMW student bursary Kayla Barnard
Jan Miller
- One year WIFT-AT membership for Ally Cameron
Patricia Leger
- One year WIFT-AT membership for Wanda Carroll as part of her prize for being the 100th WIFT-AT member

Annette event 150x150 Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012WIFT-AT Event Spotlight: Le Temps de Vivre

Pam Gallant

On April 10, 2012, honourable WIFT-AT member and talented and experienced filmmaker Madame Annett Wolf presented her exceptional film on the renowned Belgian singer-songwriter, Jacques Brel, at the Aberdeen Cultural Centre in Moncton, New Brunswick. Sixty people attended the cabaret-style event, which offered wine and cheese, a fascinating presentation by Mme Wolf and the screening of her film followed by a Q & A. The evening was a huge success.

Comments heard following the event:

“She (Annett Wolf) is luminous, ageless and fascinating; I could easily do 10,000 interviews with her. Interviewing her was one of the best encounters in my career.”  – A journalist from Radio-Canada

“From the wine and cheese and cabaret-style event set in an intimate setting, to Mme Wolf’s riveting storytelling and her magnificent film, this is one of the best events I have attended since I moved to Moncton.”  – An employee of l’Alliance française.

“I was moved to tears by her film.” – A WIFT-AT member in attendance

“It is so wonderful to watch a film that takes the time to let you experience the songs and the intensity of the interviews. It is a beautiful, lyrical film.” – A costume designer

“We connected with Annett’s philosophical views on life, mortality and living life to the fullest.”  – A couple of world-travellers in their seventies

The evening was magical. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.” - An assistant optician

Many thanks go out to the organizers of the event, members of WIFT-AT and Film Zone, and sponsors, Film NB and The New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-op.


The Heart Truth
Britany Sparrow

In November of 2011, Fredericton filmmaker Bunthivy Nou and I were approached by the Heart and Stroke Foundation to work on a film project to go along with their Red Dress fashion show. Having never done any documentary work before, I was excited to try something new and happy to be able to support a good cause. It turned out to be more educational than I could ever have imagined, and it was a great experience.

The Heart and Stoke Foundation website states “The Heart Truth is a national program founded to create awareness that heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of death for Canadian women. Most women believe that heart disease is “a man’s disease” and underestimate their risks. However women are now more likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than men. To highlight this fact, we were asked to tell the stories of three young girls who have all been affected by heart disease directly. Despite the tragedy that all three had to face, they were all bright, energetic young girls and they were a lot of fun to work with. All three of them will be modelled red dresses in this year’s fashion show.

We were also able to meet with and interview Rob Stevenson, a Cardiologist in Saint John. He was very informative and he taught us a lot about the risks, the symptoms, and the statistics about Heart Disease. It was eye opening and really made us stop and think, so I’m sure his message will come across in the video!

Allen Galloway was kind enough to help us out with lighting and camera, and his assistance was invaluable. Jen Chiasson and Nathalie Rayne, the wonderful editors, did a fantastic job! And the two women from Heart and Stroke who worked with us through the project, Darcy Leblanc and Angie Thibodeau were a lot of fun to work with and had a great energy that kept the whole thing running smoothly.

The two videos were shown as part of The Heart Truth Fashion Gala at the Moncton Casino on April 28.


NS Pulse
Chris Pauley

NS Pulse1 150x150 Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012Nova Scotia Talent Trust – Fall/Winter Application Deadline 15 May 2012

The Nova Scotia Talent Trust is a not-for-profit registered charity that provides scholarships to  Nova Scotians who are interested in furthering their education in the arts in theatre, dance,  music, media, film, literary, and visual arts, fine craft and design. The NSTT is supported by the  Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, The Craig Foundation, RBC  Foundation and ImmediaC. Since 1944, the NSTT has assisted over 1,800 Nova Scotians with  awards totalling over $1.8 million.

The Nova Scotia Talent Trust (NSTT) would like to remind all potential applicants that its next  deadline date for Fall/Winter study is fast approaching. Note that if applicants are mailing their  application from outside of Canada, the deadline date is 2 weeks earlier. For Fall/Winter study,  applicants applying from outside Canada must submit and have their applications postmarked  by 1st May. For all applications being mailed within Canada, the deadline date is 15th May. All  applications must be submitted and postmarked by these dates. Submission guides, application  forms and reference documents can be found at www.nstalenttrust.ns.ca, or by calling the NSTT  at (902) 492-6801.

Nova Scotia Culture DepartmentGrants to Individuals Application Deadlines: May 15 2012 http://www.gov.ns.ca/cch/culture/funding/individuals/

Grants are intended to support people at all levels of artistic involvement, support artistic expression and the pursuit of excellence and innovation, promote learning in the arts for people of all ages through education and participation, and develop new audiences for the arts and maintain existing audiences.

Individual artists may submit one application per category per deadline.
• Professional Development Grants assist Nova Scotian artists to pursue excellence in the arts  through formal study programs, or other professional development programs such as mentoring,  workshops, apprenticeships, or conferences. Curators, arts administrators and producers are also  eligible under this category. The maximum grant available under this category is $3,000.
• Creation Grants assist Nova Scotian artists and emerging artists working independently or  collaboratively to create new work, in any art form, by contributing towards the artist’s  subsistence and the project costs. The maximum grant available under this category is $12,000.
•Presentation Grants assist Nova Scotian artists in direct costs associated with public  presentation of their works, including: framing, installation, costuming, venue rental, or  promotion of arts activities. The maximum grant available under this category is $5,000.

A Certain Openness: The Filming of Poetry Deadline for Applications: May 14th 2012, 5pm http://afcoop.ca/2012/03/new-poetry-filmmaking-program/

AFCOOP is pleased to present a new program in cooperation with the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia. A Certain Openness: The Filming of Poetry is a collaborative filmmaking project designed to foster relationships between Nova Scotia’s filmmaking and writing communities. Six poets will be paired with six filmmakers to collaborate and create filmed interpretations of existing poetry. Through the program, participants will receive training in relevant aspects of the filmmaking process as well as mentorship from lead instructors and AFCOOP staff. Films will be shot on 16mm (colour or b&w) with non-sync sound and may be finished digitally with an audio track or live accompaniment. The program will supply filmmaking gear, supplies and materials. Teams will also be given a small cash budget to spend on their production and will be awarded with an artist fee upon completion of their films.

AFCOOP Filmmaker in Residence 2012 Call for Entries Deadline: June 11, 2012, 5 PM  http://afcoop.ca/programs-and-training/afcoop-filmmaker-in-residence-2011-call-for-entries/fir-guidelines-and-application-2012-3/

The AFCOOP Filmmaker in Residence (FIR) program will provide a filmmaker with the  resources and guidance to create a completed work with the support and participation of the  AFCOOP community. The Applicant must be an experienced filmmaker and must:
-have created at least three independent film or video works.
-have previously exhibited at least 3 separate film and/or video works in a professional context.
-have completed basic film training appropriate to their discipline/filmmaking process.
-have been practising for at least four years, not including time training
-have been living in Nova Scotia for at least 6 months prior to the application deadline and be a citizen of Canada or a landed immigrant.
-not be a full time or part time student at any level during the residency.
-be able to commit to the project for a period of up to six months.

For its part, AFCOOP will provide services and expenses for the proposed project (up to $4,000  in direct ‘cash’ costs of the project, up to $11,000 in AFCOOP equipment and facility rentals,  and staff and organizational support and a supportive community in which to work).

Applications must be dropped off or mailed to the following address and postmarked no later  than the deadline. Late applications, incomplete applications and applications submitted by  email or fax cannot be accepted.
The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative  5663 Cornwallis St., Suite 101  Halifax, NS  B3K 1B6

Parrsboro Film Festival 2012 Deadline for submission is September 1, 2012 https://sites.google.com/site/thehallsitelogic/films-for-all-at-the-hall-1/parrsboro-film-festival/pff-submission-form

If you are a filmmaker in Atlantic Canada, whether professional, student or amateur, we invite you to submit your short films to the 2nd Annual Parrsboro Film Festival. A jury will select films in two categories: “shorts” (more than 5 minutes but no more than 20 minutes) and “short shorts” (no more than 5 minutes) The audience favourite in each category will receive a certificate of appreciation.

Deadline for submission is September 1, 2012. We cannot guarantee that submissions received after September 1 will be eligible for this year’s festival. Our theme is films made recently (within the last 2 -3 years) in Atlantic Canada. Any genre will be considered. There is no submission fee.


NB Pulse
Britany Sparrow

NB Pulse Becky Forbes 150x150 Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012Fredericton actress Becky Forbes has been a busy little bee over the last few months. She performed in the play Oleanna by David Mamet for Nasty Shadows Theatre Company, which showed in both Fredericton and Saint John. She also acted in two New Brunswick short films, Travis Grant’s film Nick Ryan, and Chris Fulton’s film Buzz. She also had a supporting role in Jesse Anthony’s low budget feature film Skate Proof. Becky also co-directed Beauty and the Beast for George Street Middle School.

Gretchen Kelbaugh’s short documentary In Key Choir is screening with three other documentaries at the Island Media Arts Festival in Charlottetown May 9 at 7:30pm.

“The choir sings with gusto and the rapt audience applauds, many from wheelchairs. Peek into  the lives of a group of people politely placed on the edge of society: so-called mentally  challenged adults. Hear them bring a touch of humanity to yet another marginalized group:  seniors in a nursing home. Meet Christina, Bree and Elizabeth. Watch them at work and choir  practice as they ponder what it means to be labelled ‘handicapped’, why some old people are put  in institutions and how the In Key Choir makes a difference in all of their lives.”

Pam Gallant is gearing up to direct three half-hour documentary episodes on Canadian rivers for an upcoming series called Courants.

Recent UNB Multi-Media graduate Jennifer Ferris is at work on her first documentary, about suicide, and will also be working on several short films this summer.

New Maryland filmmaker Britany Sparrow is less than one month away from filming her next short film, tentatively titled Co-Existence. Britany won the NB Joy Award for the film at the 2011 Silver Wave Film Festival. Her most recent film, Gamers: A Love Story is showing at the Island Media Arts Festival in Charlottetown, PEI on May 12, 2012 at 3:30 pm.  Follow Britany on Facebook:

New Brunswick actresses Bunthivy Nou and Leah Warren, alongside Jeff Bate Boerop, Chris Gairns, and Mike Mallaley, are Fiddleheadz, a new, local comedy sketch troupe.

Check out their latest sketch: Dinner with the Parents – Johnny & Jenny Sketch #1 on  YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1Cd_RdPcD8  SUBSCRIBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/fiddleheadz Follow us on TWITTER: @Fiddleheadzzz  Creep us on FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/Fiddleheadz


NL Pulse
Ruth Lawrence

 Hilary Thomson has worked for the National Film Board (NFB) in Montreal as a sound technician in post-production since 2002. She moved to St. John’s last year to work as Associate Producer with the NFB’s Annette Clarke, and has since worked on the films Hard Light, Imaginary Heroine, and Buying Sex. In addition to her work with the NFB, Hilary plays bass in the three-piece Montreal-based band The Dryheaves and is currently working on a multidisciplinary visual art project that explores the lives of extraordinary Newfoundland women.

NL Pulse Victoria Wells1 150x150 Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012Victoria Wells has been working in and around the NL Film industry since 2004. She has held positions at the Newfoundland Independent Filmmakers Co-operative (NIFCO) as well as the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival and the Nickel Independent Film Festival. She also works as a freelance photographer, most recently photographing Republic of Doyle star Lynda Boyd for InterACTRA magazine.


PEI Pulse
Millefiore Clarkes

 The Island Media Arts Festival 2012
Just a note to remind you of the wonderful events approaching for the Island Media Arts  Festival across PEI! Everything is up online now and easy to access. You can check out the  films playing, the workshops offered, and the really cool panels and presentations on the go.  Not to mention the parties! Find a full IMAF Schedule here.

Here is a list of some of the highlights…
Workshop – The Insider’s View of Creating a Comedy Film – May 5-7th – REGISTER TODAY!  (It’s free!)
Opening Night Reception – Hosted by MusicPEI – May 8th
Workshop – Creative Directing with Actors with Director Michael Kennedy – May 10-11th –  REGISTER TODAY! (It’s free!)
Special Presentation – Chinese Cinema After the Cultural Revolution – May 10th
Panel Discussion – Realities of Low, No, and Micro Budget Films – May 11th

Bring a friend and come attend some of what IMAF 2012 has to offer. Films from across  Atlantic Canada, industry professionals and filmmakers, hands-on learning experiences, and just  a good time.    Join the Island Media Arts Festival Facebook Group and keep up to date.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/IMAFestival/

Island Filmmaker Shortlisted for Vimeo Film Festival Awards
Millefiore Clarkes
, a filmmaker from PEI, has been shortlisted for the 2012 Vimeo Film Festival  Awards in New York City. Her film December in Toronto is in the ‘Lyrical Category’ and is up against 11 other films to make it to the final round. Finalists are decided upon by a combination  of online voting (you can vote for December in Toronto up until April 30th at  https://vimeo.com/awards/vote/lyrical) and guest judges.

December in Toronto was filmed over  a six day journey when the filmmaker visited Toronto for her Christmas holidays. Before  boarding the plane in Charlottetown, PEI, Millefiore’s partner said “Why don’t you film your trip  with your new camera?” And that is exactly what she did. The result is a dreamlike journey  through the streets, homes, and hearts of a vibrant city. Upon returning to the Island and editing  the video to a score composed by PEI musician/composer Roger Carter, Millefiore uploaded the  film to Vimeo. Within a day the video had “gone viral” with views coming in from around the  world. Today December in Toronto has over 110,000 hits. The Vimeo Film Festival, now in its  second year, has already gained a reputation as the global festival for online work. Vimeo has  set itself apart in the world of online video hosting with it’s respectful community and  supportive mandate of ‘by filmmakers for filmmakers’. The judges for this year’s festival are  some of the global media arts community’s leading creators; Director Peter Greenaway, Actor  James Franco, DSLR-Guru Philip Bloom, to name a few. To help get this east-coast filmmaker to the big apple vote for December in Toronto by going to  https://vimeo.com/awards/vote/lyrical  before April 30th.

Faye – New Production
Renee Laprise and Patti Larsen are currently in pre-production with their short film Faye, a  dark adult fairytale, scheduled to be shot in late May through Renee’s production company,  Mugisha Enterprises Inc. “Faye offers more than just love on the dark city streets.”

Actor’s Workshop
Springhead Studios in Charlottetown PE is offering an in depth actor’s workshop beginning in  May, led by seasoned actor Mark Fraser and DOP Brian Sharp. The workshop will focus on  acting for film and television. Participants will come away from the course with footage they  will be able to use for their demo reels. Contact Renee Laprise at reneel@mugisha.com for  more details on dates and fees. Space is limited.


What’s Happening at WIFT-AT

Women’s Film Club First Tuesday of the month | St. John’s, NL

Reel Talk: Conversations with Women in Film, TV & New Media Last Friday of the month | Halifax, NS

The WIFT Salute presented at The Island Media Arts Festival May 8th-13th, 2012 | Charlottetown, PE

WIFT Event at The Atlantic Film Festival September 16th, 2012 | Halifax, NS

For more information on WIFT-AT events please contact info@wift-at.com

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