Tidings Issue 16 Provincial Pulses, April 2012

Here’s what’s happening in the Atlantic Provinces this spring!

Nova Scotia Pulse
Chris Pauly

Halifax Independent Film Festival 2012 April 10th-14th 
DELEGATE PASSES – NOW AVAILABLE.  Buy online at http://hiff.ca.
This year’s festival will feature screenings by visiting filmmakers Tom Sherman and Paul  Clipson, along with screenings of The Forgotten Space by Alan Sekula, Movement  Revolution Africa by Joan Frosch and Alla Kovgan, screenings of new work by many local  filmmakers, and a retrospective of the work of Janie Geiser – among more. As well, HIFF 2012  will premiere POSE by AFCOOP 2012 Filmmaker in Residence Eva Madden-Hagen.  As an  added incentive, enter to win a Google Android Tablet from AFCOOP and The Halifax  Independent Filmmakers Festival (HIFF)!

Tickets are $5 each or 3 for $12 and are available at  the AFCOOP offices or online through PayPal.  Finally, why not top-up your purchase with a  donation to AFCOOP? Donors will be issued a charitable tax receipt for the top-up portion of  their purchase. Draw is for one tablet only, and will be held during the HIFF closing reception  Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Call for Submissions: 2012 Centre for Art TapesMedia Arts Scholarship Program Applications
Due 5:00p.m. Friday, April 27, 2012
The CFAT Media Arts Scholarship Program is a rigorous six-month education and mentorship opportunity. Selected applicants are required to make a media art piece in a medium in which they have no previous background. Scholars are responsible for learning the skills required to complete their piece. Media Art Scholarship Program is open to any member of the public who is not currently attending a program similar in nature.  Generally, Media Art includes work made with the use of video, recorded sound, animation, interactive presentation, electronics, and/or installation. Media Art can be digital video, animation, interactive websites, and gallery installations with sensors or new media elements. It also includes audio that can be broadcast, installed in a specific place, or listened to with headphones. CFAT will make every effort in their capacity to serve projects in the above mediums.  Details about the program and application forms can be found at www.centreforarttapes.ca/programs.aspx. Any questions regarding the Scholarship Program or the application procedure can be directed to Kristen Atkins, Communications Coordinator at 902-422-6822 or cfat.communication@ns.sympatico.ca.

•  White Rabbit: Open Air Arts is now accepting submissions from artists. Call for Submissions: deadline May 1st

Taking place from August 12th- 19th at Red Clay (Upper Economy), Nova Scotia, White Rabbit is an opportunity for artists of all disciplines to live, work, and learn in community. The week-long residency culminates in a public celebration, performance and exhibition of individual and collaborative works that emerge during the week.  It is an immersive outdoor experience that encourages artists to push the boundaries of their practice collaboratively and individually in response to the unique landscape. Red Clay is a land of organic gardens, meadows, ponds and forests looking out over the extreme tides of the Bay of Fundy.  During the week, two senior mentors will guide resident artists through workshops, presentations and one-on-one engagement. Details re: cost, services provided and application instructions can be found on the website.  Projects that are harmonious with the environment are encouraged. www.whiterabbitarts.ca

Nova Scotia Culture Department – Grants to Individuals Application Deadline: May 15

Grants are intended to support people at all levels of artistic involvement, support artistic expression and the pursuit of excellence and innovation, promote learning in the arts for people of all ages through education and participation, and develop new audiences for the arts and maintain existing audiences.

Individual artists may submit one application per category per deadline.
Professional Development Grants assist Nova Scotian artists to pursue excellence in the arts through formal study programs, or other professional development programs such as mentoring, workshops, apprenticeships, or conferences. Curators, arts administrators and producers are also eligible under this category. The maximum grant available under this category is $3,000.
Creation Grants assist Nova Scotian artists and emerging artists working independently or collaboratively to create new work, in any art form, by contributing towards the artist’s subsistence and the project costs. The maximum grant available under this category is $12,000.
Presentation Grants assist Nova Scotian artists in direct costs associated with public presentation of their works, including: framing, installation, costuming, venue rental, or promotion of arts activities. The maximum grant available under this category is $5,000. See http://www.gov.ns.ca/cch/culture/funding/individuals/ for details

Annapolis Valley Short Film Festival

The Annapolis Valley Short Film Fest is open for submissions for the May 12th festival. The AVSFF offers independent, low budget filmmakers the opportunity to show their films, and the opportunity for film lovers to see creative and unique films shot in Nova Scotia. The May 2012 fest features comedy and drama shorts ranging from 4-30 minutes in length. No animations or docs this time; just pure fiction!  For details visit www.avshortfilmfest.ca or email info@avshortfilmfest.ca

NS Pulse Ann MacKenzie Photo by Film Nova Scotia 150x150 Tidings Issue 16 Provincial Pulses, April 2012 WIFT-AT wishes to extend a heartfelt “thank you” and best wishes to Ann MacKenzie, who stepped down from her position as CEO of Film Nova Scotia, on March 30th, 2012.  The value of Ann’s work for regional filmmakers and as an ambassador for Nova Scotia on the national and international stage over the past 14 years is incalculable, and her successor has some tall shoes to fill!




New Brunswick  Pulse
Cathie LeBlanc

• Cavelle is hooked on the value of creating documentaries since she always meets incredible, humble people who have stories to tell The “Art of Living” creative Doc series highlights “ordinary people with extra-ordinary lives”. The trailer for Gothic Matriarch is now online http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxvdtOdhRK8

NB Pulse Cavelle 150x150 Tidings Issue 16 Provincial Pulses, April 2012 The 2nd Doc Crashed recently had a principle shoot with a local man who had a near death  experience or clinical death, after a transport truck collided into his car. The 3rd Doc Natural Living is now being negotiated with a sustainable local farming family who use  trad horse and plow. At the same time, Cavelle is working on the draft treatment and budget for  a 4th Doc entitled Haitians to be filmed back in the Caribbean where she lived and worked for 6 years. This will be a complex documentary both historically compelling and deeply  personal, a story of courage that is celebratory intimate and revealing. This Doc offers a  platform to her former students and their parents to explore in their own voice what really  motivated the Haitian Boat People to dream and risk their lives on the open sea; considering the  immense danger and that 1000s before themdrowned off the shores of  Cuba, Florida and the Bahamas.    Contact Cavelle at artist@cavelle.net

The New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative workshop series continues with workshops in Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John. Coming soon: Production Design April 7, 2012 (Saint John) Non-Linear Picture Editing April 14, 2012 (Moncton) Creating Original Music May 19, 2012 (Moncton) For complete schedules and further information e-mail info@nbfilmcoop.com

Sackville – Struts Gallery, Faucet Media Arts Centre & Catalyst MTA are pleased to present a FREE screening of film and video works on gender expression Monday April 2 at 6:30 pm at the Vogue Cinema, Sackville, NB. Gender expression is any and all mannerisms, personal traits, etc. which serve to communicate a persons identity and personality as they relate to gender and gender roles. Masculine, feminine, and androgynous gender expressions can be present in people of any geender or gender expression – even though they are often associated with men, women, and non-binary genders respectively. The program includes an eclectic compilation of short works from Canada, USA, Germany, and Sweden. This screenng is made possible with support from River of Pride Moncton, The Vogue Cinema, and S.H.A.R.E. MTA. For more information please contact Elli Hearte at Struts Gallery and Faucet Media Arts Centre, (506) 536-1211 or faucet@strutsgallery.ca

Fredericton – NBFC Kids Filmmaking Summer Camps The New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative is hosting Filmmaking Summer Camps for young school students (ages 8-14) and teenagers (ages 15-18) taught by Film Co-op Filmmaker Michel Guitard. Space is limited so please register early!

Kids Film Camp – July 9-13 – $165 ($15 is for food) http://www.nbfilmcoop.com/KidsCamp/KidsCamp/Welcome_.html
Teen Film Camp – July 23-27 – $215 ($15 is for food) http://www.nbfilmcoop.com/KidsCamp2/Welcome_.html

Contact Cathie Leblanc info@nbfilmcoop.com or (506) 455-1632 for registration info.


PEI Pulse
Mille Clark

PEI Pulse DM Workshop 150x150 Tidings Issue 16 Provincial Pulses, April 2012A series of winter workshops was recently put on by the Island Film Factory, a PEI producer  collective. Maritime industry pros at the top of their game were brought in to bump up the skill  level of our already seasoned film and digital media workforce. A five day production  management course led by Cathy Grant and Margaret Harrison was jam packed with an  astounding amount of information. From this group one participant, Dan Rowswell, was chosen  to production manage the rest of the workshops in this series. His management skills were put  to the test when he had to schedule and wrangle three workshops happening concurrently at  Springhead Studios in Charlottetown. Several mock film shoots were set up to teach practical  technique in the areas of Directory of Photography led by Jeff Wheaton, Field Sound Record led  by Aram Koujoudmian, and Grip/Gaffer/Electric, led by Corey Bulger. It was a fun filled  weekend of learning and comradery that got rave reviews from all the participants. Much was  learned and many connections were made. The next weekend was Sound Design led by Steven  Naylor and Comedy Editing led by Kim McTaggart. Steve introduced his group to the art of  sound by having them experience and experiment. And Kim’s approach was similar, introducing  her group to the art of making people feel and laugh through pacing and timing of edits. Again,  participants of both workshops came away feeling like they had really upped their game with  the practical and creative information they were given. Long Form Drama Editing led by Chris  Cooper and Online Editing led by Ken Peterson will wrap up the series of workshops at the end  of March. It is expected that these workshops will go just as well. The members of the Island  Film Factory would like to thank all of the workshop facilitators for taking the time to offer our  filmmakers such an exciting and rewarding experience. The skills that the participants have  been able to glean from the best of the best will go a long way toward putting PEI on the map in  the Canadian film/digital media industry.

Call for Submissions to PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp 2012  Deadline:  April 23, 2012
The PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp organizers are preparing for this sixth annual professional  development activity that has become an important and popular first step in the careers of many  Atlantic Canadian screenwriters.

The workshops are scheduled for the week of June 4 – 8, 2012 and will be held in  Charlottetown at the historical Haviland Club. The competition is only open to screenwriters  from Atlantic Canada and the initial deadline is  5 p.m. April 23, 2012.

The week-long workshops offer new writers an opportunity to hone their writing skills with  seasoned mentors within a small group with lots of one-on-one time, provide an opportunity for  new writers to learn the intricacies of pitching their ideas to producers and build on their  networking contacts. There are no workshop fees and Provincial governments offer financial  support to participants.

Super Channel’s Marguerite Pigott, Head of Development will be working with all of the  participants on pitching their ideas and will be among the producers and broadcasters hearing  pitches on the final day of the workshop.  Other producers who will be on hand to hear pitches  are John Galway, President, English-language Program for Astral Media’s Harold Greenberg  Fund, CBC’s Stewart Young as well as local producers Cellar Door Productions, Periscope  Pictures, and Beachwalker Films.

New this year, six writers will be mentored by story editor, Diane Barnes of TP Productions inc.  as they turn a treatment into a first draft.  Again this year, Tom Shoebridge, Screenwriter and  founder of the Canadian Screen Training Centre will be in PEI for a return engagement to  mentor a group of six emerging writers from the idea stage to writing a full treatment for a  feature, and Jill Gollick, screenwriter/producer for the web and television will be working with  a group of six writers, developing ideas for web and television dramatic series.

Harmony Wagner’s directorial debut VAST, has been invited to the 11th ViewFinders: International Film Festival for Youth which takes place in Halifax, April 17-21, 2012. VAST  was also selected for the Atlantic Shorts Gala at the 2011 Atlantic Film Festival, the 2011 Silver  Wave Festival in Fredricton and won the Audience Award at the 2011 Island Media Arts  Festival.

PEI Filmmaker Jenna MacMillan
Jenna MacMillan is an independent filmmaker from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. She  graduated from the film production program at Ryerson University in 2010. Jenna’s thesis film,  Off Season from Ryerson was chosen for CBC’S 2010 Short Film Faceoff. Her films, Off  Season and In A While were both shown in the 2010 Island Media Arts Festival.

Post graduation, Jenna worked as Production Coordinator on the IPF funded groundbreaking  interactive web series, Guidestones (guidestones.org) before returning to her hometown of  Charlottetown in July, 2011 to make her professional film debut with Fine Tuning  (http://vimeo.com/31813776). Commissioned under the Cultural Capital of Canada designation,  Fine Tuning told the story of Harry Jenkins who moves from his country home of Belle River  into Charlottetown, PEI after the death of his wife. He discovers that new beginnings can  happen at any age. Fine Tuning premiered alongside the other Cultural Capital films at The  Homburg Theatre in November.

Jenna and her production company, Club Red Productions (clubredproductions.com) are  committed to making films with a special focus on improvisation and dramatic acting. She has  developed a keen interest in exploring deep-rooted human issues such as family, aging and  personal strength.

Jenna has just wrapped production on a short romantic comedy written by Ann Thurlow entitled  Sweethearts which will premiere in May. She is currently developing a Western feature film  entitled Barkervile Girls slated for production in October, 2012. Outside of Club Red, Jenna is  working as Production/Script Coordinator on the new television show for the Food Network;  Chef Michael’s Kitchen which is shooting this spring (www.chefmichaelsmith.com)

Island Media Arts Festival  Dave Ward, the IMAFestival Director has been organizing another amazing roster of panels,  workshops, and activities for 2012. The festival will run from May 8-13th at locations across  PEI; Summerside, Charlottetown, and Georgetown. Deadline for film submissions has passed  for this year, but there are lots of opportunities to participate in this festival, increase your skills,  network with industry professionals, and view some amazing films from Atlantic Canadian  filmmakers.

Here is an exciting list of just some of what is coming up:
•10 screenings featuring PEI and Atlantic Canadian films.
•The CBC Best of PEI Shorts Gala with the presentation of awards such as the CBC Audience Award and others.
•Stop-Motion Animation Workshops for kids in partnership with the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.
•Advances in Digital Filmmaking Workshop with the Sony F3 and DP Nigel Akam.
•Creative Directing with Actors Workshop at 3-Oaks Highschool with Director Michael Kennedy
•Realities of Low/No-Budget Feature Filmmaking with Laura Dawe, Michael Ray Fernando, Jesse Anthony and Robert Morin.
And so much more…  Keep your eyes on the website and press releases for more information and a full schedule of  events and screenings closer to the date:www.islandmedia.pe.ca/events/imaf


NL Pulse
Ruth Lawrence

Colleen Powell
What I’m up to aside from being the new News Director at CHMR-FM, I remain very active in the film  industry. I recently completed my third short film, which is my second super-8 project, enititled  Pop and Nan. This film starts Kevin Lewis and Sheilagh Guy-Murphy. It also doubles as the  first music video for my up-coming French CD, due out this Fall.

I am currently writing a script called The House Built on the Fairy Path, loosely based on my  life growing up in Placentia Bay.

I continue to perform and record various film scores for projects which my partner, Roger  Maunder is working on. I just completed the score for his upcoming film, Cracker Barrell.

NL Pulse Martine Blue 150x150 Tidings Issue 16 Provincial Pulses, April 2012Martine Blue is in a state of eager anticipation. Her NIFCO first film Desperate Scribbles, a psychological thriller about a conflicted novelist trapped in an elevator with her two biggest critics is completed and is just embarking on it’s festival submission strategy. She also has two more shorts percolating at the grant proposal stage. Freshly inspired from teaching kids how to make a one-minute short with the Nickel film festival rural school tour, she is now working on the 3rd draft of her feature script Hunting Pignut.

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