Jun 10: NB Pulse

Operator 2 Jun 10: NB PulseEMILY ST. PIERRE

NBFC membership services director Cat LeBlanc sat down recently virtually with Film Co-op member Emily St. Pierre to chat with her about her creative life in New Brunswick in film.

This month Emily had the opportunity to take a Steadicam Operating course in Exton, Pennsylvania by the Steadicam Operators Association. This has been by far the best learning experience she has ever had. All of the instructors are working or have worked in major industry roles as steadicam operators so they provide practical and real life experiences in their teaching. Some of these very talented operators teaching us were Garrett Brown, the inventor of the steadicam, along with Jerry Holway, Chris Fawsett, Jay Kilroy and many more. On the first day the course started within two hours and Emily and her class were already in rigs and doing learning exercises. After a day of exercises and running though different challenging shots they would all eat dinner together and then have a couple hours of talks from one of the instructors.

Each talk was different; they learned about steadicam accessories, perfecting posture, operating safety, the business side and much more. Emily had the opportunity to work with some really intense steadicam rigs like the Shadow, Ultra 2 and the Archer and the ability to try out many different vests and arms so she could figure out what she would like to work towards in the future. Nothing beats learning from the professionals and the inventors, and learning with people just as passionate of this craft as she is.

You can read the full interview here:

Check out Emily’s website here:


NB Film Co-op member Gia Milani was recently spotlighted in the 2013 Canadian Screenwriter Magazine.

Writer’s Desk – Gia Milani

CS: Assuming you don’t have to go to a production office — when you’re working on your own, describe the primary space in which you choose to write. Messy desk or clean? Shut in or wide open? Remote or connected? View or blinders? Etc.

Gia: I write in my small home office about 50% of the time. The rest of the time it is out somewhere – a coffee shop, the library or outside. A few times I have rented houses with friends (Hi Matt MacLennan!) and written in other cities, just for a change.  My office has no view, but that’s fine. When I write I don’t hear or see anything anyway. At home I type on my computer, but if I am out I write in a coiled notebook – always the same kind: Cambridge by Mead, and I always use a Pentel gel pen. I don’t bring a laptop out anywhere. I don’t like them.

CS: Do you have any “creative crutches” in your space? (Music, a dictionary, Koan-cards, TV tuned to Sports or HGTV? Water feature? Timers? Etc.)

Gia: I listen to music very rarely. I can’t read when I write either – no books before bed. I find both too influential and will lead my writing instead of me leading it. Instead, I make collages of what I think my characters look like, what they wear, their favorite things and what their living spaces look like. I keep the collages in a portfolio book that I keep on my desk. It’s a leftover habit from art school.

CS: How do you arrange your time in that space? Blast through, or frequent breaks? Hidden bottle? Morning start, or Wee Hours? Do you have any rituals?

Gia: I write only in the mornings. I get up early (I have a daughter, so this is a given anyway), and finish by noon. I try to not take a break. Sometimes I write in the evenings, but that is generally when I am on a very tight deadline. I tend to reserve the afternoons and evenings (and weekends!) for company work and meetings.

CS: Name three things (facts, insights, trivia) you’ve learned in your primary space about what you need to write?

Gia: I know that my desk has to be tidy for me to write. It isn’t now, but my excuse is that I am in post-production on a project. It doesn’t look like that on a writing day. Also, anything I need – water, tea, dark chocolate- they always have to be within arm’s reach. And I don’t answer the phone, texts or email when I am writing. If I am working, I don’t want anything to cut through my train of thought. Social media can be a huge distraction. I might be obsessed with Twitter. There are so many writers on there to chat with!

CS: How do you deal with procrastination? Distractions at the ready, or kept far away? What if you feeling blocked? What’s your creative kickstart when you’re “just not feeling it?”

Gia: I don’t feel blocked usually. What freaks me out is the fact that there are infinite ways a story can go. It’s choosing a path and sticking to it that can trip me up. If it does happen that I get stuck, I will go and re-write the whole thing from another character’s perspective. It deepens the overall story because then I know more about everybody.

Visit the Writer’s Guild of Canada magazine online here:

View Gia’s original interview here:

The NB Film Co-op Wants to Share Your YOUTUBE VIDEOS

The NB Film Co-op will soon be launching our first YouTube Channel as part of our PR and marketing efforts. This new initiative aims to help promote and connect our member’s works on YouTube. As well, interviews, vignettes and member profiles will be produced to share the NBFC story.

Are you an NBFC member with videos on YouTube that you’d like included as part of our curated Playlists?

We are seeking any of the following videos:
- short films/videos, features
- demo reels
- film trailers
- behind-the-scenes/on set videos

Please email your YouTube LINKS to bunthivy.nou@bunthivy.com with subject line “NBFC YouTube”. If you are interested in helping to produce videos under this initiative please email Bun at the above email.

NB Pulse is compiled by Cat LeBlanc. Cat has been membership services director at the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative for 17 years and is co-organizer of the annual Silver Wave Film Festival. She also does production management/catering and music for independent shorts for her volunteer work.

Apr 8: NB Pulse

leahheadshot4 Apr 8: NB PulseGrand Bay-Westfield based NB Film Co-op member actress Leah Warren was recently awarded the NBFC jumpSTART Grant for her first short film. “Flirting Addiction” is about a girl that plummets into the depths of a flirting addiction. The film contains various bizarre scenarios where her flirting addiction becomes out of control

Moncton based NB Film Co-op member actress Joceline Paczoski will be doing her first short film production after being awarded the Jane LeBlanc Filmmaker Award for her short script, “Dory’s Last Laugh.” The story is quite a fish tale.  Joceline will be mentored by the NB Film Co-op and RedLeaf Productions (Danny Thebeau and Donovan Richard) based in Moncton/Dieppe, NB.

Gretchen Kelbaugh is thrilled to have won several minutes of original music from Chris Pauley at Evil Twin Music. This prize was part of the silent auction at the recent Women Making Waves event in Halifax. Gretchen is in the early stages of production on a short animated video about the history of Saint John, and now her worries about music are over.


NB Pulse is compiled by Cat LeBlanc. Cat has been membership services director at the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative for 17 years and is co-organizer of the annual Silver Wave Film Festival. She also does production management/catering and music for independent shorts for her volunteer work.

November 2012 – NB Pulse

NB Pulse 350x174 November 2012   NB PulseWomen filmmakers made a splash at the Silver Wave Film Fesitval in Fredericton, NB earlier this month. The festival, which ran from November 8-11, showed 101 films from across New Brunswick, the rest of Canada, and from around the world.

During the Media NB Industry Summit, three women filmmakers who all had films in the festival (Ashley McKenzie, Jillian Acreman, and Ruth Lawrence) gave a panel about their experiences making films in the Atlantic provinces.

At the Silver Wave Awards Show, many women filmmakers were presented with hardware. Here are some of the winners.

Best NB Youth Shorts:

Let’s Save the Earth by Keswick Ridge School Grades 3 and 4 with home room teacher Suzanne Archibald and Music Teacher Danielle Upshall

Shatter The Silence by Emily Campbell and Megan Toner

Terra Mars by Ecole Grand-Digue, Julie Surette, Kathy Gildart and the students

Best Student/48 Hour Film: Peelings by Diana Myers

Winner for Best Canadian Short: When You Sleep by Ashley McKenzie

Best Documentary: The Paramount by Greg Hemmings and Melanie Flannigan

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Comedy or Action Film: Becky Forbes in Nick Ryan

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Drama: Sam Kamras in On the Last Day

Best NB Short Comedy or Action Film: S.W.I.T.C.H. by Jean-Pierre Desmarais and Kathy Gildart

Jane LeBlanc Filmmaker Award: Joceline Paczoski for Dory’s Last Laugh

For a complete list of winners and nominees go to the Silver Wave Film Festival Facebook page.

NB Pulse is compiled by Cat LeBlanc. Cat has been membership services director at the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative for 17 years and is co-organizer of the annual Silver Wave Film Festival. She also does production management/catering and music for independent shorts for her volunteer work.

October 2012 NB Pulse

421780 176422582473061 559661361 n 350x425 October  2012  NB  PulseFIDDLEHEADZ

The NBFC member sketch comedy group Fiddleheadz shot three Silver Wave Film Festival trailers recently. The NBFC can’t wait to see what the comedy troop has come up with, Silver Wave here they come! To find out more about this Improv group click here.


The Silver Wave Film Festival Programme and Website unveiling will be on October 19, 12 noon at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, 732 Charlotte Street, Fredericton, upstairs auditorium. Refreshments will be served. As well, the new festival promo trailer will be premiered and the $500 cash prize for the Picaroons ‘Films on Tap’ contest will be awarded to a lucky New Brunswick Filmmaker. Silver Wave is now on Twitter! Are you ready for #SWFF2012?!


The NB Film Co-op presents the Fredericton Monday Night Film Series. The series partners are the Film Circuit, a division of the Toronto International Film Festival and the UNB Faculty of Arts. The series presents limited release, independent foreign and Canadian films for one-night screenings, with the goal of diversifying local access to cinema. These films are new or recent releases, which would not otherwise be available to Fredericton audiences on the big screen.

For details on upcoming screenings, ticket prices, and other information, click here.



The award includes:

$10,000 in rental services from PS Atlantic (Halifax)

$7,500 in HD Video Finishing and Audio Mixing from The PostMan Post-Production Studio.

$5,500 in equipment or facilities from the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative.

$1000 cash from New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative.

$1,000 in film stock from Kodak Canada Inc.

Visit www.lindajoy.com for more details, or e-mail Cathie LeBlanc at info@nbfilmcoop.com


The NB Film Co-op is looking for cash donations to include the cash component of the Jane LeBlanc Filmmaker Award.

Formerly known as the Members Give Back Award, the award is presented annually in honour of a woman who lived life to the fullest and courageously took action in making her dreams a reality. The Jane LeBlanc Filmmaker Award is sponsored by Red Leaf Productions (Danny Thebeau and Donovan Richard), The NB Film Co-op and the LeBlanc family is in honour of NB Film Co-op Staff member Cat LeBlanc’s only sister Jane who passed away in 2010 just before the Silver Wave Film Festival. Jane was a huge supporter of the NB Film Co-op and Silver Wave. Through this award, the NBFC hopes to inspire the winner of this award in realizing his/her dream of making films a reality.

The award has a value of $1000 broken down as follows:

- $600 in cash

- 2 years Full Membership with NBFC

- 10 workshops through the NBFC workshop series

- $3500 in production and post services from NBFC

- Script workshop with Actors Helping Actors Group of your choice (Moncton/Fredericton)

- Prep to Post mentorship with Red Leaf Productions Producers

The winner will have the opportunity to Co-Produce with Red Leaf Productions, a Moncton based production company responsible for award winning films such as Délivrance, Do Gooders, All Revved Up and many more. The company has also produced a one hour Television program with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Television and Société Radio Canada Acadie.

Eligibility is open to all New Brunswick first and second time filmmakers.

Submit a 4-8 page script of drama or comedy by October 15th, 2012 to info@nbfilmcoop.com

The winner will be announced at The 2012 Silver Wave Film Festival Awards.

For more information on Jane LeBlanc and the award, please go here:


WIFT-AT member Britany Sparrow has just released her first three films on her website. Visit www.sparrowhockproductions.com to see more!

NB Pulse is compiled by Cat LeBlanc. Cat has been membership services director at the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative for 17 years and is co-organizer of the annual Silver Wave Film Festival. She also does production management/catering and music for independent shorts for her volunteer work. Check out her music work.

HerStory – Tara MacDonald

taramacdonald web HerStory – Tara MacDonald

I was working in Calgary, Alberta and getting ready to tell my father that I wanted to go to SAIT for film instead of staying at my brand new, high paying job, when my father passed away unexpectedly in 2006. This moment marked my life as I had to be patient to realize my passion. I had to walk before I could run.

In 2007, I came home to Nova Scotia and registered at a private career college for Digital Filmmaking. Months later, the only reason I was still at the school passed away. His name was Daniel Gaynor and he had such a passion for life and film. He encouraged me to join AFCOOP and I did. This led to a job as a PA on the set of Paper Hearts, a Film 5 Production. With hope in my heart, I left the school and started my own company naming it after my father – Charlie Mac Productions Inc. I took a Production Workshop at the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-op with Julian Grant. This workshop changed my focus at the school and I knew, in my heart, that I could do this. Hiring people I knew and opening up two offices seemed logical until part of my private investing stepped back and led me to drastically change my work environment. In the first few years Charlie Mac Productions won various awards but lacked major clients. I was forced to start networking and moved the office into a home office. Then, I met Jacqueline Kelly, MBA through LinkedIn and through her I acquired clients plus more investors. Caroline Ruyle joined the team as a Stills Photographer and she recently completed work with award-winning Director Julia Phillips Smith.

Despite facing some obstacles, we’ve succeeded in building a small business. I stayed in the business due to other filmmakers reaching out to lend support and time through the years. We also reached out for professional training at Maine Media Workshops. They not only helped us train for larger clients but also reaffirmed my love of film as producer/writer/director. Whenever I’ve been tired I’m reminded by the greater vision of film – reaching an audience with your story. That is the best moment of my career when you get an email from someone in a different country interested in the films you produce. Also, working with David Kellogg was a real joy in Maine.

Now, I am taking things extremely slow and concentrating what I want my company to look like. A huge help for me was Jac McNeill of Highland Coaching who offered business coaching that provided me with my compass for the direction of the company. I still network but recently moved Charlie Mac Productions Inc. out of small contract work so we can focus on feature film development.

The heat that I received from working through the past few years does not compare to the rewards of production. Never let a bank, accountants, fellow filmmakers and private investors dictate your company’s vision and get in the way of what you want to accomplish. With help from freelancers and new investments in the film community such as Steve Richard’s new studio in Bayers Lake, I know that I will always remain a producer long after the life of my company. I’m inspired by other women that are filmmakers and mostly, my determined Mom. My Mom dragged me as a small child to all sorts of artistic events and I’ve never forgotten the appreciation I gained for the arts community.

Contact Tara at info@charliemacproductions.com or visit her website at http://www.charliemacproductions.com/index.php.

WIFT-AT Event Spotlight: Le Temps de Vivre

Annette event 300x192 WIFT AT Event Spotlight: Le Temps de VivrePam Gallant

On April 10, 2012, honourable WIFT-AT member and talented and experienced filmmaker Madame Annett Wolf presented her exceptional film on the renowned Belgian singer-songwriter, Jacques Brel, at the Aberdeen Cultural Centre in Moncton, New Brunswick. Sixty people attended the cabaret-style event, which offered wine and cheese, a fascinating presentation by Mme Wolf and the screening of her film followed by a Q & A. The evening was a huge success.

Comments heard following the event:

“She (Annett Wolf) is luminous, ageless and fascinating; I could easily do 10,000 interviews with her. Interviewing her was one of the best encounters in my career.” - A journalist from Radio-Canada

“From the wine and cheese and cabaret-style event set in an intimate setting, to Mme Wolf’s riveting storytelling and her magnificent film, this is one of the best events I have attended since I moved to Moncton.” - An employee of l’Alliance française.

“I was moved to tears by her film.” – A WIFT-AT member in attendance

“It is so wonderful to watch a film that takes the time to let you experience the songs and the intensity of the interviews. It is a beautiful, lyrical film.” – A costume designer

“We connected with Annett’s philosophical views on life, mortality and living life to the fullest.” - A couple of world-travellers in their seventies

The evening was magical. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.” – An assistant optician

Many thanks go out to the organizers of the event, members of WIFT-AT and Film Zone, and sponsors, Film NB and The New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-op.