September 2012 Tidings Newsletter Issue 19

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Hello fellow WIFT-ers! To all of you returning members welcome back, and to all of you joining us for the first time, welcome! There have been all kinds of great things going on this summer at WIFT-AT and we’re excited for what’s coming up this fall.

-Britany Sparrow, Tidings Editor

Invest in WIFT-AT: Become a member!

When was the last time you went to a movie and shook your head at how the women were portrayed? Or watched the credits and it hit home that less than twenty per cent of the people working in film are female? We are offering you an opportunity to help make a positive change.

WIFT-AT is the newest chapter in an international organization, Women in Film and Television, designed to support and connect women working in screen-based industries. If you are joining us for the first time or are renewing, you are investing in the many women in your community who want to be on screen, in writers’ rooms, at film festivals and on set. You can do it right now, online, here. And as a volunteer organization, it is membership fees that sustain our activities.

In the last two years, WIFT-AT has brought to the east coast some of the most successful women working in film and TV in North America, Patricia Rozema and Kari Skogland to name a couple, to inspire and train our Atlantic female filmmakers. We have celebrated our own female filmmakers by handing out Wave Awards at our annual Women Making Waves weekend in Halifax. We have partnered with regional film festivals and have arranged screenings of work by female filmmakers in Charlottetown, Fredericton, Moncton and Halifax and have even established a film club in St. John’s. This spring we launched a new award for an emerging filmmaker, the All Access Pass award. And we’re just getting started.

Our chapter was formed three years ago. We are already more than a hundred members strong. If you join us by renewing or purchasing a membership, your contribution will help our not-for-profit organization continue to grow. And please join us for our celebration of Atlantic Women in the Screen Industry reception, Sunday, September 16, 6- 8 pm at the Lord Nelson Hotel, as part of the Atlantic Film Festival, right after the WIFT-AT AGM. WE would love to see you there.

The number of women working in film and television is small in number but big in influence. One recent study showed that when a female director is at the helm, the number of women employed on a film jumped by fifty per cent.

That’s a great return on your investment. Please consider joining us.

Christine McLean, Chair, WIFT membership committee

AGM Invite 380x531 September 2012 Tidings Newsletter Issue 19Meet us at the WIFT-AT AGM!

Our Annual General Meeting and Event at The Atlantic Film Festival will be held on Sunday, September 16th at 4pm in the Britannia Room at the Lord Nelson Hotel in Halifax. Please join us as we elect a new Board of Directors, introduce some exciting new programming initiatives and roll out our three-year strategic plan! And once the business is done, it’s time to party! C’mon downstairs to the AFF Super Channel Festival Lounge to celebrate WIFT and everyone who has helped make 2011-12 such a successful year!





Spotlight Ashley McKenzie photo by Krista Comeau 1 380x252 September 2012 Tidings Newsletter Issue 19And the recipient of the All Access Pass Award is…Ashley McKenzie!

Women in Film and Television – Atlantic has awarded its inaugural All Access Pass Award to Nova Scotia filmmaker Ashley McKenzie. The prestigious award offers McKenzie a delegate pass to every major film festival – that’s seven festivals – in the Atlantic Provinces over the next year. It also includes an annual membership in WIFT-AT, mentorship at every festival with a senior WIFT-AT representative, a weekend pass to the Women Making Waves Conference in March 2013, select accommodations plus a $1000 cash prize.

There’s no other award like this in the country,” says WIFT-AT Board Chair Jan Miller. “This is the first of its kind and we’re thrilled to offer it.”

McKenzie says the award is perfect for her. “The All Access Pass is such an exciting initiative. The award will enable me to attend festivals in the Atlantic region with ease, increasing exposure for my new short film “When You Sleep” and building connections for the future.”

Earlier this year McKenzie’s short film “When You Sleep” was selected as part of Telefilm’s Canada: Not Short On Talent showcase at the Cannes Film Festival. McKenzie was the only Maritime filmmaker whose work was selected for the screening program.

Festivals are such incredible places to share your work, learn, and be inspired,” says McKenzie. “I always want to present my films in person, but finding the means to do so is a challenge at this stage of my career. This is a perfect opportunity to connect more with the East Coast, the place where I love to live and make movies.”

McKenzie recently moved home to New Waterford, Cape Breton to begin development on her next short film,Stray”, which she plans to shoot in November.

I connected with cinematographer Stephanie Weber Biron at the St. John’sInternational Women’s Film Festival in 2010, went on to work with her on “When YouSleep”, and will continue to collaborate with her in the future,” says McKenzie. “It is opportunities such asthese that make attending festivals so beneficial to my future plans.”

WIFT-AT gives the All Access Pass Award annually to a deserving female working in screen-based media whose career will be assisted by the award.

IMAF Louise Lalonde 380x253 September 2012 Tidings Newsletter Issue 19WIFT-AT 2012 Salute Award: One of Life’s Many Surprises

As the 2012 Island Media Arts Festival drew to a close, and happy with the decision that we, the committee, had made in choosing a recipient for the 2012 WIFT-AT Salute Award, I stood at the back of the theatre and daintily shoved a piece of celery in my mouth. As I gnawed away on my celery, I watched Mille Clarkes, last year’s recipient, go up on stage to announce this year’s winner. Then I heard her say my name. I stopped chewing. “Wha? That’s not what we agreed on,’’ I thought. The announcement that I was the recipient of the award was received by lively applause and the committee members were quite pleased that they had managed to distract me and keep it a surprise. I grabbed a napkin, spit out the celery and aimed for a trash can. As I made my way up to the stage, my mind went blank. I couldn’t think of anything to say except “Thank you.’’ So, I will now take this opportunity to say what I should have said that night: “I used to think that awards were kind of pointless. After all, when you’re passionate about something, you just naturally do what needs doing and to single out one person seemed somehow wrong to me. Then one day, I received an award and my attitude changed completely. It’s not only a thrill to be recognized by your peers, but the validation that it brings spurs you on to do even more and work harder at making a difference. Being a member of WIFT-AT has led me to exciting new contacts and a wealth of resources that I never knew were out there, and receiving an award of appreciation like this is truly an honour. Again, thank you, and I look forward to another year full of surprises and new and exciting projects.”

One of Life’s Many Surprises is written by Louise Lalonde, recipient of the 2012 WIFT-AT Salute Award. Louise is Project Manager of the PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp, President of the Charlottetown Film Society, and a member of the Island Film Factory. For more info, visit or or

BarbaraDoran1 380x531 September 2012 Tidings Newsletter Issue 19Newfoundland Feature Film: The Grand Seduction

This has been a busy spring and summer for women producers in the Newfoundland & Labrador feature film industry. First up was Rock Island’s feature film Hold Fast, produced by Rosemary House and hot on its heels was a feature comedy co-produced by Barbara Doran of Morag Loves Company.

Based on a Quebecois hit film (known in Anglo Canada as Seducing Doctor Lewis), The Grand Seduction features a slew of Newfoundland performers in the supporting cast of characters led by Brendan Gleeson and Gordon Pinsent. As a co-production with MAX Films in Quebec, the mix of Anglo and Franco crew have been moving around the Bonavista peninsula in glorious weather, hopping from Red Cliff, Tickle Cove, New Bonaventure, Old Bonaventure to Champney’s. I spent a few weeks working on the wardrobe crew (with locals Peggy Hogan, Charlotte Reid, Heather Power, and Allison Hicks) in early August and was pretty impressed with the NL women working all around me in almost every department- from location manager Lynn Andrews to makeup artist Mackenzie Geehan, from electrician Flora Planchat to unit PA Renee Callahan, from office PA Crystal Parsons to assistant production coordinator Anita Reilly-McGee. Under the direction of Don McKellar, performers such as Mary Walsh, Cathy Jones, Sara Tilley, Rhonda Rogers, Michelle Rex Bailey, Sheila Redmond and Janet Edmonds are among the large cast.

For Barbara Doran, The Grand Seduction is just the latest feature film she’s co-produced in the past 5 years. Young Triffie was director Mary Walsh’s feature debut and 2009’s Love & Savagery led to a Genie award for Best Supporting Actress Martha Burns. Before that, Doran co-produced the award-winning international TV mini-series Random Passage, an 8-hour production that stands out as one of the greatest challenges and achievements in her long, successful career. When she’s not producing great drama, she writes and directs documentaries such as Life Below Zero, To Dublin With Love, Still Rowdy After All These Years, When Women Kill, and Phantoms of the French Shore. Her talent for pulling together productions ranging from big budget to small scale has been a contributing factor in her success but those who know her best recognize that her passion for a good story is what accounts for her longevity in a competitive industry that just gets tougher each year. Filming continues to the end of September on this latest production.

Newfoundland Feature Film: The Grand Seduction is written by Ruth Lawrence. Ruth is an actor/writer/filmmaker whose most recent film Two Square Feet, starring Jeanne Beker, won the 2011 RBC Michelle Jackson Award and will debut at the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival in October 2012.

A Top Ten “To Do” for Writing a Film Grant – Part 1

One evening in June, WIFT-AT Board Member Irene Duma and I met with St. John’s filmmaker Anita McGee to see if we could put together a guide to approaching the dreaded funding application.

A couple of hours and two bottles of wine later, we had come up with ten tips that we felt would give any new or experienced grant writer an edge on the competition. This list is a conglomerate of our successes and failures as applicants, with invaluable insider tips from Anita, who has sat on juries since Jesus was a cowboy and knows her stuff!

Here are the first five gems:

#1 – Read the Application

The most valuable advice I’ve ever received on grant writing came from the late Robbie Thomas and it was this: read and follow the application guidelines.

It’s surprising how few people take the time to simply read the application. It tells you pretty much everything you need to know, from who is eligible and what support materials to provide, to how many paragraphs you should write about shooting your first short in Cupids this summer.

Read the guidelines. Do what they say. And if you don’t understand them, call the funder and ask lots of questions.

A thorough reading of the application guidelines is a good way to begin to…

#2 – Get to Know Your Audience

Check out the website of your potential funder. Read their mandate, their mission statement and their staff bios. Are their goals in line with yours? Tell them so.

Pay close attention to the language used. Is it formal or informal? What does it tell you about them and what they want to hear?

A little research will give you a good sense of who you’re speaking with, and allow you to tailor your application accordingly.

# 3 – Know That Your Audience Doesn’t Know You

If you’re in or around the local arts community, you might take for granted that people know who you are and that they’ve seen your work. You shouldn’t.

“Newfoundlanders are bad at understanding that nobody knows us,” says Anita. “We’re not used to having to convey a sense of who we are as artists in our community.”

In a competitive arts environment where Anita says “even Guy Maddin would have to fight in a crowd”, it’s important to produce a professional and complete application each time around. Like a newbie.

Because “you’re from here” isn’t enough.

#4 Know Your Project

The ability to speak to your project can make or break your application. What is your vision? What is your plan? Why, and why not?

You know why you’re here. You know why you’re writing the application. This is your chance to take an audience on a tour of your concept, and you can be creative while doing it. In fact, it’s kind of expected!

Be articulate. Be clear and concise, not repetitive,” says Anita. “Paint a picture. Write it as though you’re writing a movie and the words you’re writing are evoking a sense of what you’re doing.”

#5 – Build a network, or a nest… and charge admission! You might be famous someday.

Just kidding about the admission (and probably the fame as well! here’s hoping!), but it’s important to surround yourself with folks who are supportive of your work and to spend time in environments that foster creativity.

As you make alliances with others in your field, opportunities for collaborations and partnerships appear, and this can spill over into proposal writing.

So foster these relationships! Having support not only builds faith in your project, but it helps you keep faith when the going gets tough.

Join us next month for tips #6-10!

This Top Ten List was compiled by Tracey Waddleton. Tracey was the primary grant-writer for and manager of the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Arts Society for 2010 and 2011. She provides writing, editing and administrative services from the downtown home she shares with her two cats, Emma and Sam, and studies English at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The 2012 Praxis Summer Screenplay Readings

In November 2011, I was one of eight Canadian writers chosen for the Praxis Screenplay Competition with my dramatic feature film script, House of Matches. I travelled from Halifax to Vancouver, where I had a number of one-on-one meetings with a writing advisor, award-winning novelist and screenwriter Peter Behrens. In preparation for our working together, I read Peter’s novel The Law of Dreams and fell in love with his epic, poetic story. On the plane I felt jittery, anticipating his response to my script. When we met, he told me right away that he was pleased to be reading the work of a real writer. A real writer. For a beginner like myself, this kind of comment is almost enough. I had a strong impulse to turn right around and go home to my cozy writers’ cave, vindicated. But I stayed. Over the course of four days, Peter and I would meet and discuss the script, I would leave and work intensely on a new draft, send it to him and we would meet again. In addition to having scheduled these one-on-one meetings, Praxis hosted a production meeting for all eight writers. A guest producer went around the table and gave each of us feedback about our scripts. By the end of that intensive week, I flew home to Halifax with what felt like an exciting new draft.

To my delight, I was invited back to Praxis, along with five other writers from the original eight: Kevin Doree, Andre Harden, Jesse Heffring, John Burke and Geoff Redknap. In June 2012, we returned to Vancouver for the Praxis Summer Readings. Over the course of three days, we heard professionally cast table readings of our screenplays, two on each day. A script would be read by actors, the audience and actors would have a discussion, we would break for lunch, and then there would be a second reading and discussion in the afternoon. As the House of Matches reading began, I was so nervous and excited I had to remind myself to breathe. Lori Triolo, the Praxis casting director who cast all six scripts, did an amazing job. As the actors began speaking, giving voice and passion to the words I printed on paper, I felt as though I secretly had multiple personality disorder and someone had taken the voices in my head and liberated them.

Each table reading had an audience of about twenty people: the four writing advisors, the four script editor interns, Praxis Director Patricia Gruben, Program Assistant Liz Cairns, my five fellow screenwriters, guest producer Christine Haebler (Screen Siren Pictures) and Telefilm’s Lauren Davis. After each reading, the entire audience and the actors engaged in a rousing discussion about plot, character, theme, tone – all the good stuff you want people to be talking about when it comes to screenwriting. It felt thrilling and invigorating and just a tiny bit decedent to be talking about nothing but writing, day after day. I learned a great deal about giving feedback by listening to the writing advisors. They responded to the readings with great consideration, wisdom and patience. One screenplay involving a mix of reality and a fantasy world and after the reading it became apparent that the audience was somewhat confused about the plot. Then one of the advisors, Lynne Stopkewich, suggested that perhaps his story was confusing to us because perhaps he wasn’t clear about the laws of this fantasy world. She suggested that the more he understood and was clear about those laws, the more we would understand the story. It was an eloquent way to cut to the heart of the issue and propose a way to make the story stronger. When it was time to discuss House of Matches, it was thrilling and surreal to have a whole group of people talking about story issues and details that had, until that point, only been swimming around in the fish tank of my mind – sometimes with explosive splashes and sometimes in tiny, murky circles. Thoughtful suggestions were made. Strong opinions were expressed. People took sides! The way I see it, you could go in the direction of a Mike Leigh film, or you could go Hollywood, but you can’t do both. I took notes and regretted that I’ve switched off every Mike Leigh film I’ve ever tried to watch.

Near the end of the discussion, one of the House of Actors actors, Tim Perez, suddenly made an impassioned speech that I will never forget. It went something like this:

“You know, I would just like to say – this story is the story of my life. It’s the story of my mother and how she struggled and suffered to raise me in this country, it’s the story of all the Latina girls I see fighting to get by, raising kids, dealing with the immense obstacles in their lives; the addiction, the oppression, the absent fathers. Zoe’s got two kids and she’s so young and she’s so poor and all over the place and dealing with so much. We meet her and we think, She’s not gonna make it. She has too much to contend with – she just won’t make it. And then guess what? She does. But she doesn’t win the World Cup or become a soccer superstar or anything like that – she works hard and doesn’t give up and she goes to school. She pulls herself out of poverty. This is the story we need to see, this is the story we want to see. We want to see these girls make it. So I hear you giving Jessica suggestions about structure and characters and that’s great – say whatever you want say if you think it will make it better. But this story is important and this film needs to be made because it’s real.”

As Tim left the room, he patted me on the shoulder, thanked me, and wished me luck. My story had touched him so deeply it made him consider his mother’s life journey. As a writer, this is what I hope for.

I was lucky enough to be approached by two other writing advisors, Arne Olsen and Michael Miner, who each gave me generous, detailed feedback about House of Matches. Additionally, each Praxis writer was given a one hour meeting with guest producer Christine Haebler. I took notes intently the whole week.

On the final day, I met with Peter Behrens and Gorrman Lee, the story editor intern who had been assigned to House of Matches. We discussed the script and the feedback that had been given at the reading. Peter offered me new ideas and responded to my questions and concerns that had been churned up after days of notes. As I was leaving, Peter wished me luck with the new draft. He reminded me of how much he loves the story and my writing and encouraged me to keep at it and stay true to my vision. Elated and inspired, I headed for the skytrain.

The 2012 Praxis Summer Screenplay Readings was written by Jessica Marsh. Jessica wrote the screenplay for “Wake”, the 2010 winner of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Short Film Face Off. She is a 2012 Praxis Screenwriting Centre Fellow and is hard at work on a post-Praxis draft of her feature film script, House of Matches. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

GamersPromo1 380x253 September 2012 Tidings Newsletter Issue 19HerStory – Britany Sparrow

I’ve loved words for as long as I can remember. I started talking as early as possible, could read by the time I was in pre-school, and wrote my first short story at the age of 6. By high school, I had written a novel, and although it was definitely lacking in substance, it solidified that above all things, I loved to tell stories. I was also very involved in theatre, working backstage, acting small parts, and writing one act plays for class. I loved the team work, the collaboration, and the connection you created with people, feeling that you had gone to battle together and no one else could ever understand. When I left high school, I was unsure if I’d ever get to be a part of something so amazing again.

When I turned 20, I did the craziest thing I’ve ever done: I moved across the country from Vernon, BC to Fredericton, NB to attend UNB. I registered for an Introduction to Film class, which turned out to be a life defining moment. It was love at first sight. After graduating from UNB in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English and minoring Creative Writing and a Certificate in Film Production, I joined the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative and haven’t slowed down since.

One of the greatest thrills of my life was when I was given the opportunity to direct my first film, The Perfect Cliché, in 2007. I was awarded the Short Film Venture Grant in 2008 for my second film, The Morning After, and Emily Brennan won the Best Actress in a Comedy Award at SWFF for my third film, True Hollywood Romance. My fourth film, Gamers: A Love Story, starring Kyle Smith and Becky Forbes (shown), was nominated for acting and screenwriting awards at the 2011 SWFF, and has recently been accepted to the 2012 Atlantic Film Festival.

I’ve worked on over 20 independent short films as Production Manager, Script Supervisor, and Assistant Director, putting in hundreds of volunteer hours helping new and experienced filmmakers create their films on a shoestring budget. I also sit on the Board of Directors for the NBFC, teach workshops through the NBFC workshop program in Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John, and I have been one of the Silver Wave Film Festival organizers since 2008. In 2011 I was awarded a Silver Wave Award for Contribution to the New Brunswick Film Industry in a Volunteer Capacity, alongside my longtime friend and mentor, Colin Smart.

In 2011, I was fortunate enough to be awarded the NB Joy Award for my fifth film, Chopsticks. This film took me where I had never gone before: I stripped away as many of the words as I could, and created relationships between the characters with looks, touches, and everything that was left unsaid. It was terrifying, and one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had on set. We’re in post production now, and I have a long winter ahead of me. And I couldn’t be happier about it.

POSE STILL 380x285 September 2012 Tidings Newsletter Issue 19NS Pulse

  • WIFT-AT member Eva Madden’s short film “Pose“, which was made when Eve was the AFCOOP 2012 Filmmaker in Residence, has been nominated in The Coast’s Best of Halifax 2012. POSE is nominated for Best Film (short,feature,other) and Eva Madden has been nominated for Best Filmmaker. Eva is the only female nominated in both categories.

Pose is an experimental documentary that explores the visceral experience of posing as a nude model, while in the process revealing a character study in contrast and contradiction. Through the eyes of artist and raconteur Dave Cullen, the film explores the unique experience of an artist setting down his pencils and posing as a nude model.

To vote for Eva, please visit the Coast Survey here:
POSE is also playing at the Atlantic Film Festival on Saturday Sept 15 @ 4:05 as part of Atlantic Shorts 2 at Park Lane.
  • Noted as a top festival in Canada, the 32nd Atlantic Film Festival will be held from September13th – 20th in Halifax. Large enough to attract the world’s most notable actors, directors and producers, but intimate enough to be innovative and flexible in its approach to the changing needs of our industry, audience and the communities we serve, the AFF provides an unpretentious atmosphere for watching some of the best international, Canadian and Atlantic Canadian films, while showcasing some of the best musical talent the region has to offer. Keep an eye out for screenings from a number of WIFT-AT members such as Ashley McKenzie and Lara Cassidy. A full program guide can be found here.
  • Prismatic Festival and Conference – Screenings September 14-29

    Prismatic brings new works by culturally diverse artists into the spotlight. The mandate of this initiative is to promote the pursuit of artistic excellence through collaboration, innovation and dialogue.

  • FILM 5 2012/13 Call for Applications – Application Deadline – October 1st 2012. FILM 5 is a professional film-training program for Writers, Directors and Producers culminating in the opportunity to produce a five-minute film. The program provides:

Cash and services to produce a five-minute filmMentorship and instruction from industry professionalsRelationship building opportunities with the local film communityApplication guidelines and form are available on the AFCOOP web-site: www.afcoop.caFILM 5 Info Session and Networking – Wednesday, Sept. 5th 6pm, AFCOOP Office, 5663 Cornwallis Street, Suite 101. Come find out more about the program and meet with potential writers, directors and producers!

  • AFCOOP’s Fall General Meeting – Tuesday October 2nd, 6:30pmAFCOOP Office, 5663 Cornwallis Street, Suite 101

Full Members must send regrets to

The meeting is open to the public and anyone interested in AFCOOP is welcome to attend! If you would like to become a Full Member of the co-op please contact Greg in advance of the meeting to confirm your AFCOOP GM’s are a great networking opportunity for folks in the film and media arts communities. Come find out what we’ve been up to at the co-op and learn a bit about what the next season holds.

  • Arts Nova Scotia Funding- Grants to Individuals December 15

The program supports the creation of new works by professional artists in all disciplines including fine crafts, literary, visual, media and performing arts. It also promotes a broad understanding and appreciation of art and artists through professional development, creation and presentation of work. Individual artists may submit one application per grant per deadline.

To encourage equitable distribution of funds, artists can only receive one Creation Grant in a 12-month period.

NS Pulse is compiled by Chris Pauley. Chris is a composer and the owner/operator of Evil Twin Music. He has been playing music since he was a kid, and writing music for the media for fifteen years. Check out his work at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @EvilTwinMusic.

Joceline Paczoski1 380x386 September 2012 Tidings Newsletter Issue 19NB Pulse

  • It’s been a busy and exciting summer for Joceline Paczoski. She recently completed work on a 4-part soap opera web series called “Hallmark Family” created by the talented Digital Filmmaking students at the Centre for Arts and Technology in Fredericton, NB. Joceline plays Lily Lars, a religious mom whose mundane world begins to unravel. Check out all the drama for yourself on YouTube. Also, the SWFF 2011 award-winning comedy, “Thanksgiving Wishes,” in which Joceline plays Mrs. Kelson, has been selected to screen at the Toronto Independent Film Festival. Director/writer Denis Sweet did such a great job on this film, congrats to the entire cast and crew.

Currently, Joceline is editing a screenplay that she has written and hopes to begin filming it next spring. She is definitely looking forward to many more acting opportunities right here in Atlantic Canada. Stay tuned!

  • Christine McLean was story editor on The Paramount, a documentary produced by Hemmings House Pictures that was broadcast on CBC Maritimes this past Saturday night. She was also script writer and narrator on the documentary, It Was the Dance, produced and directed by Semra Yuxel of Acrolect International, slated for broadcast this fall on CBC. Christine hosted CBC Radio’s Information Morning in Fredericton for the past month and this week, she is hosting Information Morning in Saint John.

  • Gretchen Kelbaugh and her company, Story First Productions, are delighted to have landed a great distributor, Moving Images Distribution, for several of her educational videos. They plan to market both Menocracy; Gender Representation in Government (a 2012 version) and the five-part series 80/20; the Developing World in the USA and Canada. 80/20 is already a highly successful co-production with Rowan Ridge Productions, having sold widely across Canada to high schools, universities and NGOs.

  • This summer has been very busy for Nathalie Rayne. She started a new job at the beginning of the summer with the New Brunswick Arts Board as Marketing, Communications and Translation Specialist. You can find her weekdays sitting at her desk working on Facebook and Twitter posts and translating documents. Every once in awhile she takes a break to put together shelving from IKEA icon smile September 2012 Tidings Newsletter Issue 19 . Everyone should drop by her office at 61 Carleton Street in Fredericton, NB to see how great their office renos look and to talk to a program officer about NB grant programs.

Nathalie’s husband Tim Rayne directed two music videos that she edited. One for local metal band Hero’s Last Right, which was shot in the basement at the Charlotte Street Art Center and the Blackbox Theatre at STU in Fredericton. The other was for Winnipeg singer Ingrid Gatin, which was shot in the green screen studio at Outreach Productions (special thanks to them). Thanks to the project producer Arthur Thomson, DP Jeff Crawford and the rest of our crews from both productions. Nathalie and Tim always appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication!

Nathalie has also been asked by the NB Film Co-op to edit the Cultural Capital documentary about Acadians in Fredericton. She has been working on that for a few months.

All three of these projects will be submitted to the Silver Wave Film Festival on September 4th.

In between all this, Nathalie and Tim adopted their lovely dog Fraggle from the SPCA, started a weekly radio show “East Coast Stream” which is all about east coast music and can be heard Thursdays at 4pm on 97.9 FM CHSR (or on their website as a podcast), and are in pre- production on a local food documentary which will be shot over the winter and next summer.

  • After script writing for almost two years and delaying production twice, Britany Sparrow has finished principal photography on her NB Joy Award winning film Chopsticks. The film, starring Elizabeth Goodyear, Andrew Long, and Leah Warren, tells the story of a woman who is forced to re-evaluate her life choices and her marriage after re-connecting with an old friend. Chopsticks will be edited over the fall and winter months by Andre Goguen and by the Postman editing team.

  • Congratulations to NBFC ED Tony Merzetti (Bliss Carman: Divine Force of Nature), andmembers Joel Thompson (Boxface) and Britany Sparrow (Gamers: A Love Story) who had their films accepted into the 2012 Atlantic Film Festival. These films were all nominated for or won awards at the 2011 Silver Wave Film Festival.

NB Pulse is compiled by Cat LeBlanc. Cat has been membership services director at the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative for 17 years and is co-organizer of the annual Silver Wave Film Festival. She also does production management/catering and music for independent shorts for her volunteer work. Check out her music work at:

IMG 03071 380x506 September 2012 Tidings Newsletter Issue 19NL Pulse

  • Sara Tilley is an actor, writer, Pochinko clown instructor and award-winning novelist. She’s spending part of her summer working on a feature film shooting in the Trinity Bay area in Newfoundland. I caught up with her while on the set:

 “I have been cast as Miriam Mahoney in the film The Grand Seduction, directed by Don McKellar, which is shooting in Trinity Bay this summer and fall. Miriam is married to Bob Mahoney (Pete Soucy) and has nine children, with another on the way. Her dream: to never be pregnant again. I have had a lot of fun on set so far working with my ‘kids’, though I admit I am no expert on quieting crying babies when the cameras are rolling. It’s been great to work on such a large production and to feel the ensemble energy of this piece – which is ultimately about the town itself, and all us little folks in it.”

  • The Fishing for the Future Film Festival runs in Norris Point, Gros Morne National Park from September 28-30, 2012. Five screenings along with panels, workshops, discussions, art exhibits and an online gallery will celebrate coastal communities, oceans, marine fisheries and aquaculture in Canada and around the world.

  • The 23rd Annual St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival provides fantastic screenings, workshops, panels, forums, and meet and greets for a low cost during the week of October 16-20, 2012.

NL Pulse is compiled by Ruth Lawrence. Ruth is an actor/writer/filmmaker whose most recent film Two Square Feet, starring Jeanne Beker, won the 2011 RBC Michelle Jackson Award and will debut at the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival in October 2012.

PEI Pulse1 380x304 September 2012 Tidings Newsletter Issue 19PEI Pulse

  • Gretha Rose, owner of Cellar Door Productions and co-owner of FortuneIT Ltd. is currently in post production on a new television series for the Food Network: ‘Chef Michael’s Kitchen’.

Join Chef Michael Smith as he goes back to basics while stirring in freestyle ideas along the way. Watch as he shares his favourite home-style recipes, ingredients and cooking techniques and learn how to add a twist or two to your cooking. See how easy it is to impress yourself in your own kitchen because once you know the rules, you can break them!

Chef Michael’s Kitchen was filmed in beautiful Fortune, Prince Edward Island over the spring with a crew comprised of Maritime film professionals, the majority of which were from PEI. ‘Chef Michael’s Kitchen’ airs on the Food Network on August 27th at 6 pm EST.

  • The newly formed Charlottetown Film Society is now running City Cinema in Charlottetown and has officially launched its fundraising campaign with a raffle. First prize is a trip for two to TIFF for two days in September along with a pass to the Closing Night Gala, and second prize is a one year of free movies (2 per week), and lots of other prizes. Tickets are available at City Cinema or email

City Cinema is hosting a special evening of film on September 23 with guest Thom Fitzgerald, Director of Cloudburst. His film will be the very last film screened on film at City Cinema as they are going digital. There will be two screenings: one at 5 p.m. and one at 7 p.m. Tickets are $30 and there will be a reception at the Haviland Club after so that people can meet Thom and enjoy some food and libation.

  • Harmony Wagner of Periscope Pictures was the recipient of the 2012 CBC 3 -2- 1 Award at this year’s Island Media Arts Festival. The award, along with funding from PEI Council of the Arts, will go toward the production of the short film QUEEN OF THE CROWS, set to begin shooting in Charlottetown this fall. Harmony’s directorial debut, VAST recently screened at the Nickel Film Festival.
  • As part of Culture Days activities and with the support of Culture PEI, the Charlottetown Film Society in partnership with the Island Media Arts Coop is hosting the first of a series of Sunday afternoon screenings that will focus on Island-made films.

Two forty-minute screenings will be on offer beginning at 2 p.m. on Sunday, September 30, 2012 at City Cinema on King Street. The public is invited free of charge to view local filmmakers’ works in a theatre setting and cast their vote for one of the People’s Choice Awards.

Cash prizes will be awarded in four categories for Best of Short Shorts: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. A complete list of films is available on our web page or for more information and a complete list of films, please visit: The Charlottetown Film Society Inc. on Facebook.

The PEI Pulse is compiled by Millefiore Clarkes. Mille is a Producer/Editor/Director with her company One Thousand Flowers Productions. She has been creating documentaries, music videos, web series, and experimental work for a number of years. Check out her work at Mille’s work has been screened at festivals such as The Vimeo Film Festival, The Atlantic Film Festival, and RIDM and she has won the Music Video of the Year Award from MusicPEI as well as the WIFT-AT Salute Award.

What’s Happening at WIFT-AT..and beyond.

  • Meet us at the WIFT-AT AGM! Our Annual General Meeting and Event at The Atlantic Film Festival will be held on Sunday, September 16, 2012 at 4pm in the Britannia Room at the Lord Nelson Hotel in Halifax.

  • WIFT-AT is inviting submissions for the 2013 WIFTI Showcase. WIFTI will be accepting two films from every eligible Chapter across the globe. From there, their selection committee and Showcase Producer will be choosing one film to represent each Chapter in the 2013 Showcase. Last year’s entry from WIFT-AT was Megan Wennberg’s FLUSH.


Eligible films will have a completion date after 2010. They should be under 15 minutes in length and should highlight the work of Women in two of the following categories; Director, Producer, Actor, Writer, Director of Photography, Animator, and/or Editor. First preference will be given to film submissions directed by Women. We encourage submissions featuring strong female characters and stories about women. Submissions will ONLY be accepted from current WIFT-AT members (you may join now by going here)

Send a DVD copy of your film to the WIFT-AT office. Please include a cover letter indicating:

-The name and gender of your Director, Producer, Actor, Writer, Director of Photography, Animator, and/or Editor.

-The title

-The run time (15 min max)

-Date of Completion (after 2010)

-A short synopsis

-Full contact info

Submissions must be received by Friday, September 21, 2012. Notification will be provided via email by October 5, 2012.

  • The Canada Council for the Arts provides research, creation, production and dissemination support to artists, organizations, groups and independent collectives in film, video, new media and audio. The next deadline is October 1, 2012.

  • Bravo!FACT provides support and funding for short films and music videos, see www.bravofact.comfor more details. There are four deadlines per year and the next one for 2012 is December 7.
  • The Linda Joy Awards support the work of emerging media artists, as well as established artists who wish to explore a new genre or medium in Atlantic Canada. Check the website for upcoming deadlines for your province.
  • Telefilm Canada’s has officially launched its new Micro-Budget Feature Film program. Through the program, 23 partnering organizations will each recommend one project and team per year to be sent to the national selection committee at Telefilm. From there, Telefilm will select eight to ten projects to receive a non-repayable financial contribution of up to $120,000 per project. The project must be a fictional or a documentary feature length film destined for distribution to the public on one or more platforms.

Partners include the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative, the Island Media Arts Cooperative, the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative, the Newfoundland Independent Filmmakers Co- operative, and NSCAD University. Please contact your local film co-op or organization for specific details on how to apply.

Applicants to the Recommendation Phase are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Micro-Budget Production Program Guidelines prior to applying to ensure they and their project are fully eligible to apply to the Program. The Guidelines and FAQ available on Telefilm’s website.

  • Apply now for NSI Features First deadline Sept 12, 2012

Tidings Newsletter Issue 18, June 2012


Hello Tidings readers -

Happy June! This will be our final issue before we break for the summer, so I want to thank you all for reading and sharing your wonderful stories with us. Please look for us again in late August or early September, and don’t forget to send us your news and press releases - we want to know what you have going on this summer. Also thank you to all the ladies (and gents) who submitted articles for the newsletter. I couldn’t do this without your support!

- Britany Sparrow, Tidings Editor

allaccesspass web 300x256 Tidings Newsletter Issue 18, June 2012ALL ACCESS AWARD – DEADLINE EXTENDED!

We want to award our WIFT-AT members a chance to experience all of the film festivals Atlantic Canada has to offer. But wait, there’s more!

Along with delegate passes to seven festivals, we’re also going to give one worthy female recipient professional development meetings, local accommodations, representatives at each festival to show them around and $1,000 cash!

Ready to take your career to the next level? Apply online today for the All Access Pass Award!

Click HERE for the online application. DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED to Friday, June 15th!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at with any questions.

angelaantle web Tidings Newsletter Issue 18, June 2012LOOKING FOR LOVE? Pitch it!
Ruth Lawrence Interviews Angela Antle

Ruth Lawrence: Well Angela, it’s time to turn the tables. As the former host of Weekend Arts Magazine for CBC Radio St. John’s, you’ve often interviewed me. But your career has taken a new direction.

Angela Antle: I think my career path has been going down this road for sometime…obviously, two decades of producing CBC Radio and Television has given me an incredible foundation. Even my work as a visual artist has come into play in helping me create program ideas and collaborate.

I was ‘bitten’ by the program development bug while serving on the CBC’s Network Radio Program Development Committee. That experience gave me the skills and confidence to start pitching my own ideas and ultimately led to the co-creation of Majumder Manor and more recently the TV dating format Looking for Love.

And I may be back to interview you again, Ruth…so consider yourself warned! The CBC has graciously given me a leave to pursue these opportunities and I am so appreciative of their support.

RL: So you and a co-producer just won a pitching contest?

AA: It was hosted by MIPFORMATS in Cannes, a lead-in to MIPTV. My co-producer on Majumder Manor - Stuart Coxe – sent me the contest notification. We’d talked about creating a TV program based on an article I read about online dating. Over a weekend, I locked my office door, ignored my motherly duties, and we honed that pitch. The prize was $33,000 of development money from Warner Brothers International and if chosen as finalists, we’d get to pitch in the Grand Palais at Cannes. I was overjoyed that Looking for Love (L4L) was one of the 6 international concepts selected for the live pitch contest.

The rules stipulated that only one of us was allowed onstage to pitch, and truthfully, I was happy to tweet backstage while Stuart sweated it out. He is an incredibly skilled ‘pitcher’ and even though I wasn’t on stage, it was crucial to have a partner to create the overall pitch. I am grateful to collaborate with Stuart; he’s very creative and a great mentor. Here’s an interview from right after the live event…don’t be fooled…normally I am a lot more talkative! I was pretty floored that we had won.

RL: You look blissful there! Did your producing experience prepare you too?

AA: I’ve been working for two years on Majumder Manor, a docu-soap that will air on the W Network. It’s a 13-episode series following comedian Shaun Majumder’s quest to transform his hometown from a sleepy rural outport to an upscale luxury tourism destination. That led to the pitch because I co-developed and co-produced MM with Stuart Coxe (and Take The Shot Productions of St. John’s).

Stuart and I spent five weeks shooting on the beautiful Baie Verte Peninsula last summer. It was intense and challenging and we learned to rely on and trust each other. Pitching and winning L4L has further solidified that – I hope to create many more programs with Antica Productions.

RL: In retrospect, was anything you learned a help or hindrance?

AA: Ha! The first thing that pops to mind is “ignorance is bliss.” Seriously, if I had known how huge that contest was or how many broadcasters and producers would be in the audience, I might’ve been intimidated. I watched last year’s contest on YouTube…but until you go through it, you can’t know. Frankly, until I attended MIPTV, I was blissfully unaware of how many other people are out there pitching. Aside from the contest, I would advise anyone in TV to attend MIPTV. Fill your schedule with meetings and go there, guns blazing – some of our meetings were 10 minutes, some were 45. But we made it worthwhile, we pitched several projects to international broadcasters.

In terms of advice, find a strong collaborator and look for the opportunities. Most of the TV festivals (Banff, New York Festivals, etc) have pitch contests.

L4L was a strong idea and as long as we created a clear and entertaining pitch, I felt we’d have a good chance. If an idea falls flat, adapt it, and re-pitch. Stuart and I both come from a news and current affairs background which is perfect for unscripted TV formats – our program ideas are generally rooted in facts or current trends – they have a ‘hook’ built in.

RL: What was your main strength as a team?

AA: So many factors helped us win: Stuart knows how to pitch. He was the only presenter who asked the audience a direct question and he has a lot of experience in unscripted programs (Dragon’s Den, Make the Politician Work, Wipeout) so he handled the judge’s questions very well. Because we formulated the idea as an international TV format, it had to be crystal clear and easily understood by an international audience; that made the pitch very strong. Our sizzle, an animation created by Perfect Day of St. John’s (, was fabulous.

Watch the animated pitch here. The password is guest1.

RL: Well, you won! What happens next?

AA: A major Canadian broadcaster came up on stage after the win and asked us to submit the format to them. We have and are now waiting to hear if the show will be produced first in Canada. The win opened so many doors at MIPTV; we had producers and broadcasters pitching us and we are following up on those leads.

RL: I mean, what are you up to right now?

AA: I’m an active board member for SJIWFF – I’m watching submissions for the 23rd annual St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival. We are expecting over 500! I am working with our incredible staff to build up the industry event that accompanies the festival. Keep your eyes open for some really exciting guests this year…you may even want to book your flights now for October 16-20, 2012.

RL: Having done it in my interviews with you, I appreciate the final plug! Thanks Angela, I can’t wait to go Looking For Love with you.

The Third Annual Island Media Arts Festival – A Celebration of Atlantic Short Films
by Cheryl Wagner

From May 8-13, Prince Edward Island was a-buzz with independent film makers and film fans as the third annual IMAF opened its doors and turned off the lights, screening over 60 short films from all four Atlantic provinces.

The theme was Diverse Networks - and the variety of topics and styles reflected that with panache. IMAF’s Managing Director Dave Ward offered that this diversity distills into a vibrant regional community. And Curator [and WIFT-AT member] Mille Clarkes was challenged with a tough selection process with over 120 submissions.

“We received so many quality works from across Atlantic Canada that we wished we could have added many more screenings to the roster. It is amazing what so many artists can do, and often with so few resources,” Clarkes said.

There was a strong representation of works by WIFT-Atlantic members, including our own Britany Sparrow’s Gamers: A Love Story. The festival kicked-off with Kristen Santos’ kick-ass music video Cannonball for PEI’s singer-songwriter, bright light Brooke Miller. Next up was the Island’s Jenna MacMillan’s romantic comedy Sweethearts. This opening night show – with screenings in Charlottetown, Summerside and Georgetown – also featured Nova Scotia’s Ashley McKenzie’s award-winning Rhonda’s Party.

Documentary night Where We Are – Docs about Atlantic Canada included the charming In Key Choir from Rothsay’s Gretchen Kelbaugh which introduced us to members of an unforgettable choir of ‘challenged’ adults. This 10-minute film challenged our attitudes. In the Same Boat by Halifax’s Rachel Bower presented us with the surprising parallels between a Newfoundland inshore fisherman and an Alberta cattle rancher as they assess their years of effort and what the future holds. Both filmmakers had made the jaunt across the big bridge and were present to introduce their films which was a real bonus.

Thirteen films were screened at the Experience Experimental night of media art and art docs. And of these films EIGHT were by woman filmmakers. These included Mille Clarkes’ In Between Spaces, a video project that explores the notion of a communal gaze. New Brunswick had a strong presence with films by Louise Bourque, Kamaya Lindquist, E. Hearte, Jessica Arsenault and Leandre Bourgeois.

Comedy Night – Funny HaHa – included the very pointed Ken Fucks Up by Nova Scotia’s own Ruby Boutilier and Sarah Byrne. It was interesting to note that with Renee LaPrise’s Buzz Off only 2 of the 15 comedy shorts screened were by women. It does pose the question – why do we feel more compelled to make experimental/art shorts and shy away from comedy? ‘Friday Night Freak Out’ featured eight shorts of zombies and mythical creatures all by male film makers. Interesting.

The week flew by with panels and screenings that included terrific work from Grade 6 kids in an animation workshop who created remarkable ‘camera-less animation’ by drawing on 16 mm film and making their own music for the score. This was inspiring! Other interesting works by young people included two compelling shorts with strong messages about texting while driving.

The most intriguing panel was the announcement of the MicroBudget Program by Telefilm Directrice Carolle Brabant with Gordon Whittaker. This fund will finance 10 feature films providing experience for short filmmakers as preparation for Low Budget financing. IMAC and the Island Film Factory hosted a reception for the very warm and approachable Mme Brabant who indicated gender-equity is important in the project.

The IMAF Gala on Sunday night was hosted by CBC. The night was a celebration of Ten of PEI’s Best Shorts and FIVE of them were by our WIFT-AT gals here on PEI. Susan Rodger’s extended music video Silence Bloodhound was tender and touching. Fine Tuning by Jenna MacMillan was an accomplished work, showing her great promise fresh out of Ryerson. JoDee Samuleson continues to display her world-class talents as an animator with her very drole A Brief History of Charlottetown. Wrapping up the program was an episode of Periscope Pictures’ BunnyBop!, and songstress Catherine MacLellan shone in Mille’s video of her single Stealin’. The big news of the night was the announcement of the CBC’s 3-2-1 Award of $9K toward the making of a short film. The winner was the very pregnant Harmony Wagner for The Queen of the Crows. We know she will deliver!

peiscreenwriters web Tidings Newsletter Issue 18, June 2012To top off the night, Louise Lalonde was surprised to be awarded the WIFT-AT Saulte Award for her contribution to our region’s community in producing the annual PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp. This award provides an annual WIFT-AT membership and full registration to the 2013 Women Making Waves event. Congrats Louise!

taramacdonald web Tidings Newsletter Issue 18, June 2012HerStory – Tara MacDonald

I was working in Calgary, Alberta and getting ready to tell my father that I wanted to go to SAIT for film instead of staying at my brand new, high paying job, when my father passed away unexpectedly in 2006. This moment marked my life as I had to be patient to realize my passion. I had to walk before I could run.

In 2007, I came home to Nova Scotia and registered at a private career college for Digital Filmmaking. Months later, the only reason I was still at the school passed away. His name was Daniel Gaynor and he had such a passion for life and film. He encouraged me to join AFCOOP and I did. This led to a job as a PA on the set of Paper Hearts, a Film 5 Production. With hope in my heart, I left the school and started my own company naming it after my father – Charlie Mac Productions Inc. I took a Production Workshop at the New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-op with Julian Grant. This workshop changed my focus at the school and I knew, in my heart, that I could do this. Hiring people I knew and opening up two offices seemed logical until part of my private investing stepped back and led me to drastically change my work environment. In the first few years Charlie Mac Productions won various awards but lacked major clients. I was forced to start networking and moved the office into a home office. Then, I met Jacqueline Kelly, MBA through LinkedIn and through her I acquired clients plus more investors. Caroline Ruyle joined the team as a Stills Photographer and she recently completed work with award-winning Director Julia Phillips Smith.

Despite facing some obstacles, we’ve succeeded in building a small business. I stayed in the business due to other filmmakers reaching out to lend support and time through the years. We also reached out for professional training at Maine Media Workshops. They not only helped us train for larger clients but also reaffirmed my love of film as producer/writer/director. Whenever I’ve been tired I’m reminded by the greater vision of film – reaching an audience with your story. That is the best moment of my career when you get an email from someone in a different country interested in the films you produce. Also, working with David Kellogg was a real joy in Maine.

Now, I am taking things extremely slow and concentrating what I want my company to look like. A huge help for me was Jac McNeill of Highland Coaching who offered business coaching that provided me with my compass for the direction of the company. I still network but recently moved Charlie Mac Productions Inc. out of small contract work so we can focus on feature film development.

The heat that I received from working through the past few years does not compare to the rewards of production. Never let a bank, accountants, fellow filmmakers and private investors dictate your company’s vision and get in the way of what you want to accomplish. With help from freelancers and new investments in the film community such as Steve Richard’s new studio in Bayers Lake, I know that I will always remain a producer long after the life of my company. I’m inspired by other women that are filmmakers and mostly, my determined Mom. My Mom dragged me as a small child to all sorts of artistic events and I’ve never forgotten the appreciation I gained for the arts community.

Contact Tara at or visit her website at

Nova Scotia Pulse

32nd Atlantic Film Festival Call for Entries
June 15, 2012 – Final Submission Deadline

Submissions may be fiction, documentary, animation or experimental of any length. Only films completed no more than 18 months prior to the 32nd Atlantic Film Festival will be considered for admission. Preference will be given to submissions that have not been distributed theatrically or broadcast on television in the Atlantic region prior to the 2012 Festival. Entry fee is $30. You can fill out our entry form online at or download the form from our website at and mail it in with your entry.

If you have any questions, please contact the Festival:

Toll free:  877.611.4244 T: 902.422.FILM F: 902.422.4006
more information visit

AFCOOP Filmmaker in Residence 2012 Call for Entries
Deadline: June 11, 2012, 5pm

The AFCOOP Filmmaker in Residence (FIR) program will provide a filmmaker with the resources and guidance to create a completed work with the support and participation of the AFCOOP community.

The Applicant must be an experienced filmmaker and must have created at least three independent film or video works, have previously exhibited at least 3 separate film and/or video works in a professional context, have completed basic film training appropriate to their discipline/filmmaking process, have been practicing for at least four years, not including time training, have been living in Nova Scotia for at least 6 months prior to the application deadline and be a citizen of Canada or a landed immigrant, not be a full time or part time student at any level during the residency, and be able to commit to the project for a period of up to six months.

For its part, AFCOOP will provide services and expenses for the proposed project (up to $4,000 in direct ‘cash’ costs of the project, up to $11,000 in AFCOOP equipment and facility rentals, and staff and organizational support and a supportive community in which to work).

Application form and details available here:

Parrsboro Film Festival 2012
Deadline for submission is September 1, 2012

If you are a film maker in Atlantic Canada, whether professional, student or amateur, we invite you to submit your short films to the 2nd Annual Parrsboro Film Festival.  A jury will select films in two categories:
- shorts (more than 5 minutes but no more than 20 minutes) and
- short shorts (no more than 5 minutes)

The audience favourite in each category will receive a certificate of appreciation.  Deadline for submission is September 1, 2012. We cannot guarantee that submissions received after September 1 will be eligible for this year’s festival. Our theme is films made recently (within the last 2 -3 years) in Atlantic Canada. Any genre will be considered. There is no submission fee.

For more information visit

ashley web Tidings Newsletter Issue 18, June 2012 Congratulations to Ashley McKenzie, whose short film When You Sleep screened at the Cannes Film Festival as part of their Canada: Not Short on Talent program, featuring 25 short films from directors across the country.  The full story can be found here!

NS Pulse is compiled by Chris Pauley. Chris is a composer and the owner/operator of Evil Twin Music. He has been playing music since he was a kid, and writing music for the media for nigh on fifteen years. Check out his work at, on Facebook at and on Twitter @EvilTwinMusic.

New Brunswick Pulse

Christine McLean has been key in writing and structuring the upcoming multi-media launch of the new season at the Playhouse in Fredericton, NB. She will also be host of the event on June 19. Christine also recently hosted a province-wide Victoria Day edition of Information Morning on television, radio and online for CBC.

Silver Wave Film Festival now accepting applications
Deadline is September 3, 2012.

The NB Silver Wave Film Festival (SWFF) screens feature films, documentaries and short films shot in the province and produced by New Brunswick filmmakers. It also showcases some of the best film and videos from Canada and around the world. By infusing a warm glow and setting the town abuzz, the Silver Wave Film Festival is a grand celebration of New Brunswick’s   growing presence in the world of film and television entertainment.

2012 Silver Wave Film Festival runs from November 8-11, 2012! For application forms and additional   information go to

dunsworthworkshop web Tidings Newsletter Issue 18, June 2012 Recently, seasoned actor John Dunsworth was in Fredericton, NB to give an advanced acting workshop for 15 lucky actors from across New Brunswick (Jeff Bate Boerop, Leah Warren, Joceline Paczoski, Bunthivy Nou, Carol Ann Hanley, Chris Gairns, Mike Mallaley, Patricia Leger, Danny Thebeau, Tracey Carney, Sheldon Garland, Suzanne Short, Keith Ruttan, Dennis Poirier and Elizabeth Goodyear .

The workshop was co-ordinated by Film Co-op staff Cat LeBlanc and hosted by the New Brunswick Filmmakers’

Skate Proof is a feature length crime/drama film that was made in New Brunswick by Film Co-op member Jesse Anthony. All of the cast and crew consisted of New Brunswickers that were willing to dedicate their free times on weekends in the fall of 2011, the production had the help of the New Brunswick Filmmaker’s Co-operative. The movie is now complete and is available online for streaming and download, as well as a free iPhone/iPad app to download at

Due to demand, the New Brunswick Film Co-op will be hosting film workshops in Fredericton in July/August in Directing/Screenwriting/HD Camera and Lighting/Production Management and the AD, Picture Editing and Documentary Filmmaking.

The NBFC Kids and Teen Film Camps are almost filled up and will happen in July.

 The NB Short Film Venture Programme has been suspended. An announcement will be made later in the year about any new initiatives being launched.

NS Pulse is compiled by Cathie Leblanc. Cat is the Membership Services Director at the NBFC. She is also a documentary filmmaker and singer/music composer. You can check out her music at: and follow her on Twitter @catinahat.

Prince Edward Island Pulse

TheHealingPlace SusanRodgers PEI Pulse Tidings Newsletter Issue 18, June 2012Susan Rodgers is currently in production on a new documentary film. The Healing Place is about a remarkable woman’s journey on the quest for healing after a heartbreaking loss, and the two very special places half a world apart she turns to for comfort. Can she find closure in the safe confines of a resilient Japanese village still recovering from nature’s devastating attack on its nation? Or will the healing power of nature in Prince Edward Island’s International Children’s Memorial Place be the source of her renewal?

Harmony Wagner‘s short film VAST screened at the Viewfinders International Film Festival For Youth and was selected for the Nickel Film Festival in Newfoundland. Her upcoming film, The Queen of the Crows won the 2012 CBC 3-2-1 Award at this year’s Island Media Arts Festival.

Mary Helen McLeese, from Stratford, PEI has just had her first film The Invitation debut at the Island Media Arts Festival.

“Nicholas Whalen, who plays the Hero in the film and who I work with regularly, convinced me to make a film to put into the festival. It was conceived, written and filmed within four weeks. With a tiny budget of $400, I was incredibly lucky to have a group of amazing volunteers and actors to help produce the film. I also would not have been able to create this film without use of my sister’s extensive costume collection at BJM Costumes in Saint John as well as hairdresser Anya Zakharenkova’s donated time and expertise to create the amazing hairstyle on Angela Rush, who played the Heroine.”

This period piece set around 1750 was inspired by Les Bergeries, a keyboard piece written in 1717 by François Couperin.

“Doing an historic, silent film for a first attempt was a challenge. I didn’t want to do the typical subtitles to tell the story, so I came up with an idea for it being based around a letter which is read at different points in the story. The storyline is about a daydreaming young servant girl who falls in love with a handsome aristocratic friend of her employer.  Believing that he is secretly writing a love letter to her, she steals the letter and confronts him.”

Mary Helen’s next project:  “My next short is a modern comedy, but will have fantasy elements  as I continue to be inspired by epic costumes and a penchant for TCG’s (trading card games). I look forward to submitting it for the 2013 Island Media Arts Film Festival!”

Millefiore Clarkes‘s short experimental documentary December in Toronto was shortlisted for the 2012 Vimeo Film Festival Awards. Her film will be screened at the festival in NYC where she plans to attend.


peiscreenwriters web Tidings Newsletter Issue 18, June 2012

Louise Lalonde won the 2012 WIFT-AT  Salute Award. This award is given to a PEI woman in the film and media arts sector who has contributed greatly to the community and craft of filmmaking. Louise is best known for her work as the force behind the annual PEI Screenwriter’s Bootcamp (a program of The Island Media Arts Co-op), now entering it’s sixth year.



The PEI Pulse is compiled by Millefiore Clarkes.  Millefiore Clarkes is a Producer/Editor/Director with her company One Thousand Flowers Productions. She has been creating documentaries, music videos, web series, and experimental work for a number of years. Check out her work at www.onethousandflowers.tvMillefiore Clareks’ work has been screened at festivals such as The Vimeo Film Festival, The Atlantic Film Festival, and RIDM and she has won the Music Video of the Year Award from MusicPEI as well as the WIFT-AT Salute Award.

Newfoundland Pulse
by Ruth Lawrence

Janelle Hickey NL Pulse Tidings Newsletter Issue 18, June 2012Janelle Hickey, the new Festival Director of the Nickel Independent Film Festival gives us a sneak peek at the women featured in this year’s program. The 12th Annual Nickel Independent Film Festival is proud to be screening 34% female content this year. Thirteen of the 38 programmed films have been created by females. Out of these thirteen films, four of them are local NL films.  Two are Picture Start films – Meters, produced by Paula Gale; and Kathy, written by Emily Bridger and produced by Shannon Lynn Hawes.  Decolored, written and directed by Allison White was the 2010 Michelle Jackson award winner. There’s a first-time animated film, Friends, by Tymur Markunin, and filmmaker Jordan Canning brings Oliver Bump’s Birthday, a short she’s written and directed. The Nickel runs June 19-23, 2012 at the LSPU Hall in St. John’s.

NL Pulse is by Ruth Lawrence. Ruth is an actor/writer/filmmaker in St. John’s, NL . Her work has garnered many awards including the Joan Orenstein Best Actress Award, the RBC Michelle Jackson Emerging Filmmaker Award and the 2011 Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council’s Artist of the Year. Check out her work at and or follow her on Twitter @IamRuthLawrence.

On The Web

Filming unanswerable questions, from Rwanda to Antarctica by Anne Aghion @TEDxESCP

 A Blog About Women in Film by Krystyna Hunt

Another reason to love Ingrid Veninger by Sarah Smellie

Cannes sexism debate explodes on eve of festival by Melanie Goodfellow

What’s Happening at WIFT-AT

Women’s Film Club
First Tuesday of the month | St. John’s, NL

June 5 Selection: An Unreasonable Man, co-written/directed/produced by Henriette Mantel.
For more information, email Ruth Lawrence

Reel Talk: Conversations with Women in Film, TV & New Media
Last Friday of the month | Halifax, NS

This month’s guest is Gemini-winning, Call Me Fitz editor Kim McTaggart, Friday, June 29 at 7:00 p.m. Carbon Arc at The Khyber, 1588 Barrington Street, Halifax, NS. WIFT-AT members are FREE, non-WIFT-AT members $6.

WIFT-AT at the Atlantic Film FestivalAGM & Get Together
Sunday, September 16, 2012 | Halifax, NS

Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012

Britany Sparrow 150x150 Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012Welcome
Britany Sparrow

Hello again! I hope the spring weather is finding everyone. In this issue, we spotlight Wanda Carroll, our 101st member, and talk about our championing program, and hear about two Moncton events that involved WIFT-AT members.



Spotlight Wanda1 150x150 Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012Member Spotlight: Wanda Carroll

Who you are and where are you from?
I am Wanda Carroll. I was born and raised in Newfoundland. I left home after high school and have since lived in Halifax and Toronto.  I now call Sheffield Mills in the Annapolis Valley home.

What do you do?
I write, produce, perform, rant, tell stories and make people laugh! My first one woman show, The Road less Gravelled has played to sold out houses across Canada including at the Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Atlantic Fringe Festivals. I have been invited to numerous festivals, including an encore performance at this year’s Gros Morne Theatre Festival in Cow Head, Newfoundland. The Road is a collection of humorous stories about growing up in Northern Newfoundland in the 1970’s.   The show is classic Newfoundland humour with stories like “The Bat’room story”, which tends to be a crowd favourite. In my second one woman show, Beyond the Road Less Gravelled, I tell the stories of moving to the “Mainland,” my elusive search for Mr. Right and my life’s one true purpose. It debuted at the 2010 Atlantic Fringe Festival and was one of that year’s top selling shows. I am currently writing the last instalment of the Road Trilogy, The End of the Road Less Gravelled, which I hope to take to this year’s Atlantic Fringe Festival. When I moved to the Valley a few years ago one of my goals was to start a theatre festival for women. After many years in the male dominated comedy world I was frustrated to say the least. “I went to comedy school, I cried a lot” is the name of that story, told in my latest show. In October 2010, I launched WTF……Wanda’s Theatre Festival, a festival meant to give women a voice on stage, at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville. My first year was a wonderful success with one show selling out and in 2011, ticket sales doubled! The festival is over three nights. The first night is Stand-up Ladies , the second night is TBA, and the third night is always   starring me doing one of my one woman shows! This year’s festival will be October 18-20, 2012 at the Al Whittle Theatre in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. I am currently looking for a venue to launch a monthly female comedy night in Halifax. In my spare time I love to garden and walk my dogs!

What drew you into the industry?
I was born to be a performer and did so from an early age. It is not so much that I was drawn into the industry so much as I really have nowhere else to go. Although I have never earned a living being a full time actor/performer, my soul has been well fed and my dreams live on.

What is the best and worst part of being a woman in the film/television industry in the Atlantic Provinces?
As I am just entering the film and television world I am not sure I can answer that one except to say that the challenges women face are not restricted to our region of the world or this industry but are universal.  As women we are underutilized and I believe marginalized in many industries. I am passionate about the increasing role women must play in the world. So I guess the best would be seeing the amazing talent we have here and the worse would be the social and industry obstacles we have in the way of such talent!

Tell us what being championed by Patricia Leger means to you and why you’re excited to be a WIFT-AT member.
I was honoured when Patricia gave me the membership. She is quite an accomplished lady and I hope to work with her some day. I think a Newfies/Acadian thing would be really funny! I will have to chat with Patricia about that! I am really excited to become a member of WIFT-AT. I recently heard someone say that without ever realizing it, they had been working on “keeping themselves small”. I am the artist constantly getting in her own way and keeping herself small. I want to change that and put myself out there more. I want to seek out directors and producers who can help me tell my stories to a wider audience.

The Champion Program

WIFT-AT’s championing program allows individuals or organizations to sponsor or cover the cost of memberships for women in the four provinces who might not otherwise be able to afford it, and also provides financial assistance to members for some of our more costly events. Interested in being a champion? E-mail us at for more information!

Current champions are as follows:

Teri Anderson  – WMW student bursary for Sarah Smith
Bill Niven
– WMW student bursary for Gwyneth Christoffel
John Walker
– WMW student bursary Kayla Barnard
Jan Miller
- One year WIFT-AT membership for Ally Cameron
Patricia Leger
- One year WIFT-AT membership for Wanda Carroll as part of her prize for being the 100th WIFT-AT member

Annette event 150x150 Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012WIFT-AT Event Spotlight: Le Temps de Vivre

Pam Gallant

On April 10, 2012, honourable WIFT-AT member and talented and experienced filmmaker Madame Annett Wolf presented her exceptional film on the renowned Belgian singer-songwriter, Jacques Brel, at the Aberdeen Cultural Centre in Moncton, New Brunswick. Sixty people attended the cabaret-style event, which offered wine and cheese, a fascinating presentation by Mme Wolf and the screening of her film followed by a Q & A. The evening was a huge success.

Comments heard following the event:

“She (Annett Wolf) is luminous, ageless and fascinating; I could easily do 10,000 interviews with her. Interviewing her was one of the best encounters in my career.”  – A journalist from Radio-Canada

“From the wine and cheese and cabaret-style event set in an intimate setting, to Mme Wolf’s riveting storytelling and her magnificent film, this is one of the best events I have attended since I moved to Moncton.”  – An employee of l’Alliance française.

“I was moved to tears by her film.” – A WIFT-AT member in attendance

“It is so wonderful to watch a film that takes the time to let you experience the songs and the intensity of the interviews. It is a beautiful, lyrical film.” – A costume designer

“We connected with Annett’s philosophical views on life, mortality and living life to the fullest.”  – A couple of world-travellers in their seventies

The evening was magical. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.” - An assistant optician

Many thanks go out to the organizers of the event, members of WIFT-AT and Film Zone, and sponsors, Film NB and The New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-op.


The Heart Truth
Britany Sparrow

In November of 2011, Fredericton filmmaker Bunthivy Nou and I were approached by the Heart and Stroke Foundation to work on a film project to go along with their Red Dress fashion show. Having never done any documentary work before, I was excited to try something new and happy to be able to support a good cause. It turned out to be more educational than I could ever have imagined, and it was a great experience.

The Heart and Stoke Foundation website states “The Heart Truth is a national program founded to create awareness that heart disease and stroke are the leading cause of death for Canadian women. Most women believe that heart disease is “a man’s disease” and underestimate their risks. However women are now more likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than men. To highlight this fact, we were asked to tell the stories of three young girls who have all been affected by heart disease directly. Despite the tragedy that all three had to face, they were all bright, energetic young girls and they were a lot of fun to work with. All three of them will be modelled red dresses in this year’s fashion show.

We were also able to meet with and interview Rob Stevenson, a Cardiologist in Saint John. He was very informative and he taught us a lot about the risks, the symptoms, and the statistics about Heart Disease. It was eye opening and really made us stop and think, so I’m sure his message will come across in the video!

Allen Galloway was kind enough to help us out with lighting and camera, and his assistance was invaluable. Jen Chiasson and Nathalie Rayne, the wonderful editors, did a fantastic job! And the two women from Heart and Stroke who worked with us through the project, Darcy Leblanc and Angie Thibodeau were a lot of fun to work with and had a great energy that kept the whole thing running smoothly.

The two videos were shown as part of The Heart Truth Fashion Gala at the Moncton Casino on April 28.


NS Pulse
Chris Pauley

NS Pulse1 150x150 Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012Nova Scotia Talent Trust – Fall/Winter Application Deadline 15 May 2012

The Nova Scotia Talent Trust is a not-for-profit registered charity that provides scholarships to  Nova Scotians who are interested in furthering their education in the arts in theatre, dance,  music, media, film, literary, and visual arts, fine craft and design. The NSTT is supported by the  Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, The Craig Foundation, RBC  Foundation and ImmediaC. Since 1944, the NSTT has assisted over 1,800 Nova Scotians with  awards totalling over $1.8 million.

The Nova Scotia Talent Trust (NSTT) would like to remind all potential applicants that its next  deadline date for Fall/Winter study is fast approaching. Note that if applicants are mailing their  application from outside of Canada, the deadline date is 2 weeks earlier. For Fall/Winter study,  applicants applying from outside Canada must submit and have their applications postmarked  by 1st May. For all applications being mailed within Canada, the deadline date is 15th May. All  applications must be submitted and postmarked by these dates. Submission guides, application  forms and reference documents can be found at, or by calling the NSTT  at (902) 492-6801.

Nova Scotia Culture DepartmentGrants to Individuals Application Deadlines: May 15 2012

Grants are intended to support people at all levels of artistic involvement, support artistic expression and the pursuit of excellence and innovation, promote learning in the arts for people of all ages through education and participation, and develop new audiences for the arts and maintain existing audiences.

Individual artists may submit one application per category per deadline.
• Professional Development Grants assist Nova Scotian artists to pursue excellence in the arts  through formal study programs, or other professional development programs such as mentoring,  workshops, apprenticeships, or conferences. Curators, arts administrators and producers are also  eligible under this category. The maximum grant available under this category is $3,000.
• Creation Grants assist Nova Scotian artists and emerging artists working independently or  collaboratively to create new work, in any art form, by contributing towards the artist’s  subsistence and the project costs. The maximum grant available under this category is $12,000.
•Presentation Grants assist Nova Scotian artists in direct costs associated with public  presentation of their works, including: framing, installation, costuming, venue rental, or  promotion of arts activities. The maximum grant available under this category is $5,000.

A Certain Openness: The Filming of Poetry Deadline for Applications: May 14th 2012, 5pm

AFCOOP is pleased to present a new program in cooperation with the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia. A Certain Openness: The Filming of Poetry is a collaborative filmmaking project designed to foster relationships between Nova Scotia’s filmmaking and writing communities. Six poets will be paired with six filmmakers to collaborate and create filmed interpretations of existing poetry. Through the program, participants will receive training in relevant aspects of the filmmaking process as well as mentorship from lead instructors and AFCOOP staff. Films will be shot on 16mm (colour or b&w) with non-sync sound and may be finished digitally with an audio track or live accompaniment. The program will supply filmmaking gear, supplies and materials. Teams will also be given a small cash budget to spend on their production and will be awarded with an artist fee upon completion of their films.

AFCOOP Filmmaker in Residence 2012 Call for Entries Deadline: June 11, 2012, 5 PM

The AFCOOP Filmmaker in Residence (FIR) program will provide a filmmaker with the  resources and guidance to create a completed work with the support and participation of the  AFCOOP community. The Applicant must be an experienced filmmaker and must:
-have created at least three independent film or video works.
-have previously exhibited at least 3 separate film and/or video works in a professional context.
-have completed basic film training appropriate to their discipline/filmmaking process.
-have been practising for at least four years, not including time training
-have been living in Nova Scotia for at least 6 months prior to the application deadline and be a citizen of Canada or a landed immigrant.
-not be a full time or part time student at any level during the residency.
-be able to commit to the project for a period of up to six months.

For its part, AFCOOP will provide services and expenses for the proposed project (up to $4,000  in direct ‘cash’ costs of the project, up to $11,000 in AFCOOP equipment and facility rentals,  and staff and organizational support and a supportive community in which to work).

Applications must be dropped off or mailed to the following address and postmarked no later  than the deadline. Late applications, incomplete applications and applications submitted by  email or fax cannot be accepted.
The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative  5663 Cornwallis St., Suite 101  Halifax, NS  B3K 1B6

Parrsboro Film Festival 2012 Deadline for submission is September 1, 2012

If you are a filmmaker in Atlantic Canada, whether professional, student or amateur, we invite you to submit your short films to the 2nd Annual Parrsboro Film Festival. A jury will select films in two categories: “shorts” (more than 5 minutes but no more than 20 minutes) and “short shorts” (no more than 5 minutes) The audience favourite in each category will receive a certificate of appreciation.

Deadline for submission is September 1, 2012. We cannot guarantee that submissions received after September 1 will be eligible for this year’s festival. Our theme is films made recently (within the last 2 -3 years) in Atlantic Canada. Any genre will be considered. There is no submission fee.


NB Pulse
Britany Sparrow

NB Pulse Becky Forbes 150x150 Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012Fredericton actress Becky Forbes has been a busy little bee over the last few months. She performed in the play Oleanna by David Mamet for Nasty Shadows Theatre Company, which showed in both Fredericton and Saint John. She also acted in two New Brunswick short films, Travis Grant’s film Nick Ryan, and Chris Fulton’s film Buzz. She also had a supporting role in Jesse Anthony’s low budget feature film Skate Proof. Becky also co-directed Beauty and the Beast for George Street Middle School.

Gretchen Kelbaugh’s short documentary In Key Choir is screening with three other documentaries at the Island Media Arts Festival in Charlottetown May 9 at 7:30pm.

“The choir sings with gusto and the rapt audience applauds, many from wheelchairs. Peek into  the lives of a group of people politely placed on the edge of society: so-called mentally  challenged adults. Hear them bring a touch of humanity to yet another marginalized group:  seniors in a nursing home. Meet Christina, Bree and Elizabeth. Watch them at work and choir  practice as they ponder what it means to be labelled ‘handicapped’, why some old people are put  in institutions and how the In Key Choir makes a difference in all of their lives.”

Pam Gallant is gearing up to direct three half-hour documentary episodes on Canadian rivers for an upcoming series called Courants.

Recent UNB Multi-Media graduate Jennifer Ferris is at work on her first documentary, about suicide, and will also be working on several short films this summer.

New Maryland filmmaker Britany Sparrow is less than one month away from filming her next short film, tentatively titled Co-Existence. Britany won the NB Joy Award for the film at the 2011 Silver Wave Film Festival. Her most recent film, Gamers: A Love Story is showing at the Island Media Arts Festival in Charlottetown, PEI on May 12, 2012 at 3:30 pm.  Follow Britany on Facebook:

New Brunswick actresses Bunthivy Nou and Leah Warren, alongside Jeff Bate Boerop, Chris Gairns, and Mike Mallaley, are Fiddleheadz, a new, local comedy sketch troupe.

Check out their latest sketch: Dinner with the Parents – Johnny & Jenny Sketch #1 on  YouTube:  SUBSCRIBE: Follow us on TWITTER: @Fiddleheadzzz  Creep us on FACEBOOK:


NL Pulse
Ruth Lawrence

 Hilary Thomson has worked for the National Film Board (NFB) in Montreal as a sound technician in post-production since 2002. She moved to St. John’s last year to work as Associate Producer with the NFB’s Annette Clarke, and has since worked on the films Hard Light, Imaginary Heroine, and Buying Sex. In addition to her work with the NFB, Hilary plays bass in the three-piece Montreal-based band The Dryheaves and is currently working on a multidisciplinary visual art project that explores the lives of extraordinary Newfoundland women.

NL Pulse Victoria Wells1 150x150 Tidings, Issue 17: May 2012Victoria Wells has been working in and around the NL Film industry since 2004. She has held positions at the Newfoundland Independent Filmmakers Co-operative (NIFCO) as well as the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival and the Nickel Independent Film Festival. She also works as a freelance photographer, most recently photographing Republic of Doyle star Lynda Boyd for InterACTRA magazine.


PEI Pulse
Millefiore Clarkes

 The Island Media Arts Festival 2012
Just a note to remind you of the wonderful events approaching for the Island Media Arts  Festival across PEI! Everything is up online now and easy to access. You can check out the  films playing, the workshops offered, and the really cool panels and presentations on the go.  Not to mention the parties! Find a full IMAF Schedule here.

Here is a list of some of the highlights…
Workshop – The Insider’s View of Creating a Comedy Film – May 5-7th – REGISTER TODAY!  (It’s free!)
Opening Night Reception – Hosted by MusicPEI – May 8th
Workshop – Creative Directing with Actors with Director Michael Kennedy – May 10-11th –  REGISTER TODAY! (It’s free!)
Special Presentation – Chinese Cinema After the Cultural Revolution – May 10th
Panel Discussion – Realities of Low, No, and Micro Budget Films – May 11th

Bring a friend and come attend some of what IMAF 2012 has to offer. Films from across  Atlantic Canada, industry professionals and filmmakers, hands-on learning experiences, and just  a good time.    Join the Island Media Arts Festival Facebook Group and keep up to date.

Island Filmmaker Shortlisted for Vimeo Film Festival Awards
Millefiore Clarkes
, a filmmaker from PEI, has been shortlisted for the 2012 Vimeo Film Festival  Awards in New York City. Her film December in Toronto is in the ‘Lyrical Category’ and is up against 11 other films to make it to the final round. Finalists are decided upon by a combination  of online voting (you can vote for December in Toronto up until April 30th at and guest judges.

December in Toronto was filmed over  a six day journey when the filmmaker visited Toronto for her Christmas holidays. Before  boarding the plane in Charlottetown, PEI, Millefiore’s partner said “Why don’t you film your trip  with your new camera?” And that is exactly what she did. The result is a dreamlike journey  through the streets, homes, and hearts of a vibrant city. Upon returning to the Island and editing  the video to a score composed by PEI musician/composer Roger Carter, Millefiore uploaded the  film to Vimeo. Within a day the video had “gone viral” with views coming in from around the  world. Today December in Toronto has over 110,000 hits. The Vimeo Film Festival, now in its  second year, has already gained a reputation as the global festival for online work. Vimeo has  set itself apart in the world of online video hosting with it’s respectful community and  supportive mandate of ‘by filmmakers for filmmakers’. The judges for this year’s festival are  some of the global media arts community’s leading creators; Director Peter Greenaway, Actor  James Franco, DSLR-Guru Philip Bloom, to name a few. To help get this east-coast filmmaker to the big apple vote for December in Toronto by going to  before April 30th.

Faye – New Production
Renee Laprise and Patti Larsen are currently in pre-production with their short film Faye, a  dark adult fairytale, scheduled to be shot in late May through Renee’s production company,  Mugisha Enterprises Inc. “Faye offers more than just love on the dark city streets.”

Actor’s Workshop
Springhead Studios in Charlottetown PE is offering an in depth actor’s workshop beginning in  May, led by seasoned actor Mark Fraser and DOP Brian Sharp. The workshop will focus on  acting for film and television. Participants will come away from the course with footage they  will be able to use for their demo reels. Contact Renee Laprise at for  more details on dates and fees. Space is limited.


What’s Happening at WIFT-AT

Women’s Film Club First Tuesday of the month | St. John’s, NL

Reel Talk: Conversations with Women in Film, TV & New Media Last Friday of the month | Halifax, NS

The WIFT Salute presented at The Island Media Arts Festival May 8th-13th, 2012 | Charlottetown, PE

WIFT Event at The Atlantic Film Festival September 16th, 2012 | Halifax, NS

For more information on WIFT-AT events please contact

Tidings Issue 16 Provincial Pulses, April 2012

Here’s what’s happening in the Atlantic Provinces this spring!

Nova Scotia Pulse
Chris Pauly

Halifax Independent Film Festival 2012 April 10th-14th 
This year’s festival will feature screenings by visiting filmmakers Tom Sherman and Paul  Clipson, along with screenings of The Forgotten Space by Alan Sekula, Movement  Revolution Africa by Joan Frosch and Alla Kovgan, screenings of new work by many local  filmmakers, and a retrospective of the work of Janie Geiser – among more. As well, HIFF 2012  will premiere POSE by AFCOOP 2012 Filmmaker in Residence Eva Madden-Hagen.  As an  added incentive, enter to win a Google Android Tablet from AFCOOP and The Halifax  Independent Filmmakers Festival (HIFF)!

Tickets are $5 each or 3 for $12 and are available at  the AFCOOP offices or online through PayPal.  Finally, why not top-up your purchase with a  donation to AFCOOP? Donors will be issued a charitable tax receipt for the top-up portion of  their purchase. Draw is for one tablet only, and will be held during the HIFF closing reception  Saturday, April 14th, 2012

Call for Submissions: 2012 Centre for Art TapesMedia Arts Scholarship Program Applications
Due 5:00p.m. Friday, April 27, 2012
The CFAT Media Arts Scholarship Program is a rigorous six-month education and mentorship opportunity. Selected applicants are required to make a media art piece in a medium in which they have no previous background. Scholars are responsible for learning the skills required to complete their piece. Media Art Scholarship Program is open to any member of the public who is not currently attending a program similar in nature.  Generally, Media Art includes work made with the use of video, recorded sound, animation, interactive presentation, electronics, and/or installation. Media Art can be digital video, animation, interactive websites, and gallery installations with sensors or new media elements. It also includes audio that can be broadcast, installed in a specific place, or listened to with headphones. CFAT will make every effort in their capacity to serve projects in the above mediums.  Details about the program and application forms can be found at Any questions regarding the Scholarship Program or the application procedure can be directed to Kristen Atkins, Communications Coordinator at 902-422-6822 or

•  White Rabbit: Open Air Arts is now accepting submissions from artists. Call for Submissions: deadline May 1st

Taking place from August 12th- 19th at Red Clay (Upper Economy), Nova Scotia, White Rabbit is an opportunity for artists of all disciplines to live, work, and learn in community. The week-long residency culminates in a public celebration, performance and exhibition of individual and collaborative works that emerge during the week.  It is an immersive outdoor experience that encourages artists to push the boundaries of their practice collaboratively and individually in response to the unique landscape. Red Clay is a land of organic gardens, meadows, ponds and forests looking out over the extreme tides of the Bay of Fundy.  During the week, two senior mentors will guide resident artists through workshops, presentations and one-on-one engagement. Details re: cost, services provided and application instructions can be found on the website.  Projects that are harmonious with the environment are encouraged.

Nova Scotia Culture Department – Grants to Individuals Application Deadline: May 15

Grants are intended to support people at all levels of artistic involvement, support artistic expression and the pursuit of excellence and innovation, promote learning in the arts for people of all ages through education and participation, and develop new audiences for the arts and maintain existing audiences.

Individual artists may submit one application per category per deadline.
Professional Development Grants assist Nova Scotian artists to pursue excellence in the arts through formal study programs, or other professional development programs such as mentoring, workshops, apprenticeships, or conferences. Curators, arts administrators and producers are also eligible under this category. The maximum grant available under this category is $3,000.
Creation Grants assist Nova Scotian artists and emerging artists working independently or collaboratively to create new work, in any art form, by contributing towards the artist’s subsistence and the project costs. The maximum grant available under this category is $12,000.
Presentation Grants assist Nova Scotian artists in direct costs associated with public presentation of their works, including: framing, installation, costuming, venue rental, or promotion of arts activities. The maximum grant available under this category is $5,000. See for details

Annapolis Valley Short Film Festival

The Annapolis Valley Short Film Fest is open for submissions for the May 12th festival. The AVSFF offers independent, low budget filmmakers the opportunity to show their films, and the opportunity for film lovers to see creative and unique films shot in Nova Scotia. The May 2012 fest features comedy and drama shorts ranging from 4-30 minutes in length. No animations or docs this time; just pure fiction!  For details visit or email

NS Pulse Ann MacKenzie Photo by Film Nova Scotia 150x150 Tidings Issue 16 Provincial Pulses, April 2012 WIFT-AT wishes to extend a heartfelt “thank you” and best wishes to Ann MacKenzie, who stepped down from her position as CEO of Film Nova Scotia, on March 30th, 2012.  The value of Ann’s work for regional filmmakers and as an ambassador for Nova Scotia on the national and international stage over the past 14 years is incalculable, and her successor has some tall shoes to fill!




New Brunswick  Pulse
Cathie LeBlanc

• Cavelle is hooked on the value of creating documentaries since she always meets incredible, humble people who have stories to tell The “Art of Living” creative Doc series highlights “ordinary people with extra-ordinary lives”. The trailer for Gothic Matriarch is now online

NB Pulse Cavelle 150x150 Tidings Issue 16 Provincial Pulses, April 2012 The 2nd Doc Crashed recently had a principle shoot with a local man who had a near death  experience or clinical death, after a transport truck collided into his car. The 3rd Doc Natural Living is now being negotiated with a sustainable local farming family who use  trad horse and plow. At the same time, Cavelle is working on the draft treatment and budget for  a 4th Doc entitled Haitians to be filmed back in the Caribbean where she lived and worked for 6 years. This will be a complex documentary both historically compelling and deeply  personal, a story of courage that is celebratory intimate and revealing. This Doc offers a  platform to her former students and their parents to explore in their own voice what really  motivated the Haitian Boat People to dream and risk their lives on the open sea; considering the  immense danger and that 1000s before themdrowned off the shores of  Cuba, Florida and the Bahamas.    Contact Cavelle at

The New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative workshop series continues with workshops in Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John. Coming soon: Production Design April 7, 2012 (Saint John) Non-Linear Picture Editing April 14, 2012 (Moncton) Creating Original Music May 19, 2012 (Moncton) For complete schedules and further information e-mail

Sackville – Struts Gallery, Faucet Media Arts Centre & Catalyst MTA are pleased to present a FREE screening of film and video works on gender expression Monday April 2 at 6:30 pm at the Vogue Cinema, Sackville, NB. Gender expression is any and all mannerisms, personal traits, etc. which serve to communicate a persons identity and personality as they relate to gender and gender roles. Masculine, feminine, and androgynous gender expressions can be present in people of any geender or gender expression – even though they are often associated with men, women, and non-binary genders respectively. The program includes an eclectic compilation of short works from Canada, USA, Germany, and Sweden. This screenng is made possible with support from River of Pride Moncton, The Vogue Cinema, and S.H.A.R.E. MTA. For more information please contact Elli Hearte at Struts Gallery and Faucet Media Arts Centre, (506) 536-1211 or

Fredericton – NBFC Kids Filmmaking Summer Camps The New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative is hosting Filmmaking Summer Camps for young school students (ages 8-14) and teenagers (ages 15-18) taught by Film Co-op Filmmaker Michel Guitard. Space is limited so please register early!

Kids Film Camp – July 9-13 – $165 ($15 is for food)
Teen Film Camp – July 23-27 – $215 ($15 is for food)

Contact Cathie Leblanc or (506) 455-1632 for registration info.


PEI Pulse
Mille Clark

PEI Pulse DM Workshop 150x150 Tidings Issue 16 Provincial Pulses, April 2012A series of winter workshops was recently put on by the Island Film Factory, a PEI producer  collective. Maritime industry pros at the top of their game were brought in to bump up the skill  level of our already seasoned film and digital media workforce. A five day production  management course led by Cathy Grant and Margaret Harrison was jam packed with an  astounding amount of information. From this group one participant, Dan Rowswell, was chosen  to production manage the rest of the workshops in this series. His management skills were put  to the test when he had to schedule and wrangle three workshops happening concurrently at  Springhead Studios in Charlottetown. Several mock film shoots were set up to teach practical  technique in the areas of Directory of Photography led by Jeff Wheaton, Field Sound Record led  by Aram Koujoudmian, and Grip/Gaffer/Electric, led by Corey Bulger. It was a fun filled  weekend of learning and comradery that got rave reviews from all the participants. Much was  learned and many connections were made. The next weekend was Sound Design led by Steven  Naylor and Comedy Editing led by Kim McTaggart. Steve introduced his group to the art of  sound by having them experience and experiment. And Kim’s approach was similar, introducing  her group to the art of making people feel and laugh through pacing and timing of edits. Again,  participants of both workshops came away feeling like they had really upped their game with  the practical and creative information they were given. Long Form Drama Editing led by Chris  Cooper and Online Editing led by Ken Peterson will wrap up the series of workshops at the end  of March. It is expected that these workshops will go just as well. The members of the Island  Film Factory would like to thank all of the workshop facilitators for taking the time to offer our  filmmakers such an exciting and rewarding experience. The skills that the participants have  been able to glean from the best of the best will go a long way toward putting PEI on the map in  the Canadian film/digital media industry.

Call for Submissions to PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp 2012  Deadline:  April 23, 2012
The PEI Screenwriters’ Bootcamp organizers are preparing for this sixth annual professional  development activity that has become an important and popular first step in the careers of many  Atlantic Canadian screenwriters.

The workshops are scheduled for the week of June 4 – 8, 2012 and will be held in  Charlottetown at the historical Haviland Club. The competition is only open to screenwriters  from Atlantic Canada and the initial deadline is  5 p.m. April 23, 2012.

The week-long workshops offer new writers an opportunity to hone their writing skills with  seasoned mentors within a small group with lots of one-on-one time, provide an opportunity for  new writers to learn the intricacies of pitching their ideas to producers and build on their  networking contacts. There are no workshop fees and Provincial governments offer financial  support to participants.

Super Channel’s Marguerite Pigott, Head of Development will be working with all of the  participants on pitching their ideas and will be among the producers and broadcasters hearing  pitches on the final day of the workshop.  Other producers who will be on hand to hear pitches  are John Galway, President, English-language Program for Astral Media’s Harold Greenberg  Fund, CBC’s Stewart Young as well as local producers Cellar Door Productions, Periscope  Pictures, and Beachwalker Films.

New this year, six writers will be mentored by story editor, Diane Barnes of TP Productions inc.  as they turn a treatment into a first draft.  Again this year, Tom Shoebridge, Screenwriter and  founder of the Canadian Screen Training Centre will be in PEI for a return engagement to  mentor a group of six emerging writers from the idea stage to writing a full treatment for a  feature, and Jill Gollick, screenwriter/producer for the web and television will be working with  a group of six writers, developing ideas for web and television dramatic series.

Harmony Wagner’s directorial debut VAST, has been invited to the 11th ViewFinders: International Film Festival for Youth which takes place in Halifax, April 17-21, 2012. VAST  was also selected for the Atlantic Shorts Gala at the 2011 Atlantic Film Festival, the 2011 Silver  Wave Festival in Fredricton and won the Audience Award at the 2011 Island Media Arts  Festival.

PEI Filmmaker Jenna MacMillan
Jenna MacMillan is an independent filmmaker from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. She  graduated from the film production program at Ryerson University in 2010. Jenna’s thesis film,  Off Season from Ryerson was chosen for CBC’S 2010 Short Film Faceoff. Her films, Off  Season and In A While were both shown in the 2010 Island Media Arts Festival.

Post graduation, Jenna worked as Production Coordinator on the IPF funded groundbreaking  interactive web series, Guidestones ( before returning to her hometown of  Charlottetown in July, 2011 to make her professional film debut with Fine Tuning  ( Commissioned under the Cultural Capital of Canada designation,  Fine Tuning told the story of Harry Jenkins who moves from his country home of Belle River  into Charlottetown, PEI after the death of his wife. He discovers that new beginnings can  happen at any age. Fine Tuning premiered alongside the other Cultural Capital films at The  Homburg Theatre in November.

Jenna and her production company, Club Red Productions ( are  committed to making films with a special focus on improvisation and dramatic acting. She has  developed a keen interest in exploring deep-rooted human issues such as family, aging and  personal strength.

Jenna has just wrapped production on a short romantic comedy written by Ann Thurlow entitled  Sweethearts which will premiere in May. She is currently developing a Western feature film  entitled Barkervile Girls slated for production in October, 2012. Outside of Club Red, Jenna is  working as Production/Script Coordinator on the new television show for the Food Network;  Chef Michael’s Kitchen which is shooting this spring (

Island Media Arts Festival  Dave Ward, the IMAFestival Director has been organizing another amazing roster of panels,  workshops, and activities for 2012. The festival will run from May 8-13th at locations across  PEI; Summerside, Charlottetown, and Georgetown. Deadline for film submissions has passed  for this year, but there are lots of opportunities to participate in this festival, increase your skills,  network with industry professionals, and view some amazing films from Atlantic Canadian  filmmakers.

Here is an exciting list of just some of what is coming up:
•10 screenings featuring PEI and Atlantic Canadian films.
•The CBC Best of PEI Shorts Gala with the presentation of awards such as the CBC Audience Award and others.
•Stop-Motion Animation Workshops for kids in partnership with the Confederation Centre Art Gallery.
•Advances in Digital Filmmaking Workshop with the Sony F3 and DP Nigel Akam.
•Creative Directing with Actors Workshop at 3-Oaks Highschool with Director Michael Kennedy
•Realities of Low/No-Budget Feature Filmmaking with Laura Dawe, Michael Ray Fernando, Jesse Anthony and Robert Morin.
And so much more…  Keep your eyes on the website and press releases for more information and a full schedule of  events and screenings closer to the


NL Pulse
Ruth Lawrence

Colleen Powell
What I’m up to aside from being the new News Director at CHMR-FM, I remain very active in the film  industry. I recently completed my third short film, which is my second super-8 project, enititled  Pop and Nan. This film starts Kevin Lewis and Sheilagh Guy-Murphy. It also doubles as the  first music video for my up-coming French CD, due out this Fall.

I am currently writing a script called The House Built on the Fairy Path, loosely based on my  life growing up in Placentia Bay.

I continue to perform and record various film scores for projects which my partner, Roger  Maunder is working on. I just completed the score for his upcoming film, Cracker Barrell.

NL Pulse Martine Blue 150x150 Tidings Issue 16 Provincial Pulses, April 2012Martine Blue is in a state of eager anticipation. Her NIFCO first film Desperate Scribbles, a psychological thriller about a conflicted novelist trapped in an elevator with her two biggest critics is completed and is just embarking on it’s festival submission strategy. She also has two more shorts percolating at the grant proposal stage. Freshly inspired from teaching kids how to make a one-minute short with the Nickel film festival rural school tour, she is now working on the 3rd draft of her feature script Hunting Pignut.

Tidings, Issue 16: February 2012

Tidings, Issue 16:  February 2012


Welcome to Tidings, Issue 16

Britany Sparrow 150x150 Tidings, Issue 16:  February 2012Hello everyone!

Welcome to the first of two issues dedicated to our wonderful conference Women Making Waves. In this issue of Tidings we remind everyone to take advantage of the early bird registration for Women Making Waves, let everyone know about the extension for WAVE Award nominees, spotlight one of our festival sponsors and the creator of the WAVE award statue, and introduce one of the special guests at Women Making Waves in the Her Story column.

- Britany Sparrow


Women Making Waves

Women Making Waves 150x150 Tidings, Issue 16:  February 2012
Interested in meeting other Atlantic filmmakers, TV professionals, interactive and trans-media creators for a weekend of learning & fun? Then come join us at the 2nd Annual Women Making Waves from March 9-11 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The Women Making Waves conference is all about connecting and sharing for mutual support in our careers. There will be workshops, panels and plenty of networking opportunities for everyone (men and women!) involved.



$150 Non WIFT-AT members

$125 WIFT-AT members

$100 Students/Seniors

10% Discount for Out of Towners

Sign up before February 11, 2012 and save an additional 10%! The deadline is approaching quickly so make sure you don’t miss it! Take advantage of both discounts and save 20%!

Full registration includes opening reception, all events on Saturday - including breakfast, lunch and dinner – movie night, and Sunday events including the Awards Brunch.

For online registration, individual event pricing, and additional information, please go to our website:

Full program will be announced very soon!

WAVE Awards – Extended deadline for nominations!

Nominations have been extended until TODAY. Get your nominations in!

Do you know a woman in the screen industry whose contributions, accomplishments, and dedication deserve to be recognized? Then nominate her for a WAVE Award!

On March 11, 2012, Women in Film and Television – Atlantic is pleased to be hosting its second annual Women Making Waves Awards Brunch. Unlike traditional awards, there are no categories for the WAVE Awards. The goal is to salute women in the screen industry for their contributions, accomplishments, emerging talent, vision, leadership, dedication, and outstanding behind-the-scenes support. As these awards are not province specific either, anyone (men and women!) from the four Atlantic Provinces can submit nominations, and there is no limit to the number of nominations made by any one person. Any woman in the industry, at any level can be nominated: from directors to set designers, to bookkeepers, producers, volunteers – every role is eligible.

To submit a nomination, please send a letter presenting why the Nominee should be recognized by WIFT-AT (800 words maximum), along with the resume and/or filmography of the Nominee, the contact information of both yourself and the Nominee, and a picture of the Nominee (if available). Nominations are due by Monday, February 6, 2012 and can be submitted by email to Ally Cameron, 2012 WAVE Awards Coordinator,

All nominations will be kept confidential, with only the winners announced at the WMW Awards Brunch, Sunday, March 11, 2012. Join us for this celebration as well!

Who should be the 2012 worthy WAVE award recipients? We would love to hear from you!


Sponsor Spotlight – Abbi Hennigar of Film Nova Scotia
 by Nicole Trask

Abbi Hennigar works as the Director of Marketing at Film Nova Scotia and promotes the local film industry internationally, which takes her to various markets such as the Cannes Film Festival and American Film Market in Los Angeles. She promotes the province, our talented filmmakers, industry professionals and production support. Originally from Cambridge, Nova Scotia, Abbi is the younger of two children to parents Bill and Barb. Hailing from a Michelin family, Abbi’s father divided over 30 years between the Granton and Waterville plants. Abbi is well-versed in communications with a Business degree from St. Francis Xavier University and a Public Relations degree from Mount Saint Vincent University. When she’s not at work she can be found training for long distance runs such as the Bluenose marathon (full, half, 10 and 5km) or playing her favourite sport, football. As an avid football player, she was a member of the Maritime Women’s Football League All Star team in 2009 and 2010 and named MVP in 2009 for her defensive position with the Halifax  Xplosion team. For three years running, she’s also been a team captain. A devoted reader (she’s currently obsessed with The Hunger Games), animal lover and traveller (favourite trips include England, Ireland and Albania); Abbi brings a well rounded and personal touch to her work at Film Nova Scotia. Here’s more about Abbi, at a glance….

Who are you?

I am communications professional working with Film Nova Scotia. I am an extremely active person and I love being outside, usually not far from the water. I consider myself a very loyal friend and I am very close to my family, but I am a very private person. I don’t like talking about myself too much, which makes answering this question a bit difficult. Some of my passions include shopping (I have an out of control shoe, purse and jacket collection) watching sports and reading. In fact I am a regular at the Keshen Goodwin Library. I love travelling and wandering around new cities and learning about new cultures and ways of life.

What do you do at Film Nova Scotia and how long have you worked there?

I am the Director of Marketing and have worked here for over five years. I began as the Communications & Locations Assistant in 2006 and in 2008 when that job was divided into two positions I took over the Communications Officer Role. In June of 2010 I was named Acting Director of Marketing and officially took over the role in October of that same year.

What are some of your favourite aspects of the job?

In my position as Director of Marketing, I love having the opportunity to promote Nova Scotia in markets around the world. In some cases, you are meeting with individuals who have no idea where Nova Scotia even is and it is exciting to be able to showcase the work that has been done here. I enjoy travelling so getting to do it as a part of my job has been fantastic.

During my time as Communications Officer, I worked quite closely with the local producer community through organizing all of Film Nova Scotia’s industry events so I feel like I have good understanding of the local industry. Now in my current position, I am working with the foreign production community and I have enjoyed learning about both sides of the film
industry throughout these two roles.

In your role as Director of Marketing, how to you hope to contribute to the future of the film industry in Nova Scotia?

I hope to continue raising awareness of the industry we have in Nova Scotia both locally and internationally. A lot of great  projects have been made in Nova Scotia and the quality of the crews and talent we have here can stand toe to toe with anywhere. I hope to introduce guest producers to our province and continue to showcase the work that is being done here to local and international audiences.


Spotlight – Kristianne LeBreton, Designer of the WAVE Award
by Tara Thorne

WAVE Award 150x150 Tidings, Issue 16:  February 2012

2011 WAVE Award

Kristianne LeBreton is back again, literally hammering out the awards given out at Women Making Waves. The New Brunswick metalsmith designed the inaugural statue for the debut event in 2011, and personally cut, glued, moulded, pressed and—yes—hammered the four statues given to four notable figures in Atlantic Canadian film.

WIFT-AT “approached me and wanted a design based on their logo but also wanted to integrate waves, to represent the Maritimes,” says the artist from her home in Burtts Corner, NB. “I did a couple of sketches—I was looking in books, and I saw a, oh what’s the word? That’s my French brain taking over. A silhouette! I wanted a woman’s figure but with the hair on the side, to represent a wave. They chose what they liked the best and let me go.”

LeBreton is a graduate of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, moving to Fredericton from her home in tiny Dundee, settling in Burtts Corner after graduating with a diploma in fine craft. In addition to creating and selling jewellery, she also works at NBCCD in the jewellery department and in the Fredericton supply store Beadnik, quite literally living her art.

The WIFT awards are made from four materials: “copper, brass, Plexiglas’s and wood,” says LeBreton. “I wanted to build something that looked like a film reel, but I needed a certain thickness, so wood was quite natural. One of the processes is called a hydraulic press—I built the mould myself and got it pressed. The metal I hammered myself. I used a special glue that’s just for epoxy. I engraved the names myself.
 I worked two or three weeks steady on them, a lot of testing, a lot of designs, and building it took me a couple days each.”

The WIFT-AT trophy isn’t the only one in LeBreton’s case—“I had one the year before for the Woodstock High School,” she says. “They have a big basketball tournament every year called The Thunder Valley Classic.”

Though LeBreton would love to be a go-to trophy maker for the region, there is the issue of time and labour with handmade pieces: “The biggest competition would be the mass production companies,” she says, “which are a lot cheaper.”

But with her third art show in six months on the horizon for May, it’s safe to say she’s not worried about the work washing away.

See more of Kristianne’s work at


Her Story – Elizabeth Klinck, Special Guest at Women Making Waves

Her Story Elizabeth Klinck Tidings, Issue 16:  February 2012Elizabeth Klinck studied English literature and history at Queen’s University. It was here that she was first introduced to the field of research. She answered an advertisement to be a casual cook and reader for a historian named Dr. Arthur Lower. She would do little assignments for him; fact checking, running errands to the library, simple research tasks. After graduation, Elizabeth parlayed her experience with Dr. Lower into a job in Winnipeg working at the Winnipeg Film Group. Next stop was the National Film Board in Montreal where she worked as a researcher for the five years with directors  Paul Cowan, John N. Smith, and Donald Brittain. She then worked at Cinar as their vice president for two years before relocating to Ontario.

After taking a short maternity leave, Elizabeth started her own research company in 1991. She slowly built up a roster of clients from across Canada and around the world. A love of archive programming led her to concentrate in the field of visual  research and music clearances, as well as editorial research.

Six years ago she helped found the Visual Researchers Society of Canada. It now boasts a membership of 65. Elizabeth has worked as a board member for the Yorkton Film Festival, the Audio Visual Trust, FOCAL (UK), and History Makers. Her  research and clearance workshops are in popular demand internationally. In her spare time she works with DOC and WIFT in the field of training. Elizabeth won the inaugural Gemini Award for Best Visual Research, was nominated for an Emmy Award, and recently was honoured with the FOCAL Lifetime Achievement Award. Married with two adult children,  Elizabeth now lives on the shores of Georgian Bay, north of Toronto.


NS Pulse
by Chris Pauley


  • Time is running short for registration for the 2012 Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival (HIFF)! HIFF is dedicated to the exhibition of film and video as art, in a noncompetitive setting free from commercial agendas, and focuses on the short film as a form of expression for Canadian artists. Taking place from April 10 – 14, 2012, the festival will screen films around the themes of “Atlantic Canada Narrative” (celebrating films in narrative form from all four Atlantic provinces),”Atlantic Women in Film” (in partnership with WIFT-AT, celebrating films from Atlantic Canadian women), and “Atlantic Canada Experimental” (seeking the unusual and unique from across the Atlantic provinces). The deadline for entries is February 10th, 2012, and submission materials can be found here. For information on HIFF sponsorship opportunities please contact Greg Morris-Poultney at 902-405-4474 x3 or via  email at


  • The Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative will be running a number of workshops in February as part of their Winter 2012 series. These include:

            Introduction to Successful Screenwriting (February 1st, 6pm – 10pm)

            Grant Writing: Finding the Money (Feb. 8th 6pm – 10pm)

            35mm Cameras: Part I (Feb. 2nd 6pm – 10pm)

            35mm Cameras: Part II (Feb. 7th 6pm – 10pm)

            Intro to Digital Imaging (Feb. 14th 6pm – 10pm)

            Film Imaging with HD video: The Panasonic HVX 200 with 35mm lenses
            (Feb. 21st 6pm – 10pm)

            Camera Assistant’s Intensive (Feb. 25th/26th 10am – 5pm)

            Cinematography Primer: Visual Style (Feb. 28th 6pm – 10pm)

            Lighting Principals and Aesthetics (Feb. 9th 6pm – 10pm)

            Grip and Electric Intensive (Feb. 25th/26th 10am – 5pm)

            Production Managers’ Intensive (Feb. 18th/19th 10am – 5pm)

            Continuity and Script Supervision (Feb. 22nd 6pm – 10pm)

            Art Department Intensive (Feb. 11th/12th 10am –5pm)

More information on all courses offered can be found here.


  • NS Pulse 150x150 Tidings, Issue 16:  February 2012 Moving Beyond Prejudice: A 2-Day Symposium on Race & Film will take place on February 9th and 10th. It is presented by the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative in partnership with Saint Mary’s University and NSCAD University, and with the participation of DOC Atlantic: The Documentary Organization of Canada, the Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage, the Canada Council for the Arts, and The Coast: Halifax’s Weekly.As a part of African Heritage Month, the event will focus on prejudice, diversity, and filmmaking and will include a variety of screenings and talks, including documentary director Paul Saltzman, who will screen his acclaimed documentary Prom Night in Mississippi. The documentary, which is narrated by Morgan Freeman, follows a group of 2008 high school seniors in Charleston, Mississippi as they prepare for their senior prom – the first racially integrated prom in Charleston’s history. For more information, click here. 


NB Pulse
by Cathie LeBlanc

NB Pulse Gia Milani 150x150 Tidings, Issue 16:  February 2012
Gia Milani

Director Gia Milani’s first feature film All the Wrong Reasons has been funded at the polish and packaging stage of development by Telefilm Canada, New Brunswick Film and Astral’s Harold Greenberg Fund.

All The Wrong Reasons, written by Gia Milani with Jonas Chernick (Lucid, Inertia) as story editor, and  produced by Tony Whalen, Gia Milani (Shore Road Pictures) and Co-Produced Phyllis Laing (Buffalo Gal Pictures), is a film about choices made in the aftermath of severe traumatic stress. The story hinges on two lives that intersect in a big box department store: a woman who has witnessed her sister’s suicide and a firefighter who was hurt on the job. She endeavours to keep her comfort zone intact while he strives to regain his former life.

The script  has been recognized in several ways, including winning the Script Accessible Award as part of SLAMDANCE’s year-round Writing Competition that received over 2,500 submissions. Gia was honored at the 2010 SLAMDANCE Film Festival in Park City, Utah. All The Wrong Reasons was also a semi-finalist (top 20 out of over 3,000 submissions) in Final Draft, Inc.’s Big Break International Screen Writing Competition, and placed in the top 100 out of 2,500 entries in the Slamdance 2009 Feature Screenplay Competition. Gia and her Slamdance award were mentioned in a number film magazines including Variety, the Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly, and Playback.

Gia is the President and creative force behind Shore Road Pictures. She has garnered
numerous awards and proven her diversity in writing, directing, and producing. She is a leader with tremendous vision and a tireless work ethic. Gia  is a member of the Writers Guild of Canada (WGC), the Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA), a  founding member of WIFT-AT, a member of WIFT Toronto, a member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and  Television (ACCT), a member of Film Independent (FIND), a Director and member of the New Brunswick Producer’s  Association (MediaNB), and a member of the New Brunswick Filmmaker’s Co-operative (NBFC).

Her debut work, the quirky short film Bathroom Stalled (2005), which Gia wrote and
directed, received several  awards, has been broadcast on Movieola 34 times, and was sold to Mini Movie Channel International (Russia &  Germany) and The Accessible Channel Canada).

For more details on Gia and her film, visit her website.


  • Filmmakers Britany Sparrow and Bunthivy Nou began work on a volunteer project for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of New Brunswick’s annual The NB Heart Truth Fashion Gala 2012. At the fashion gala, alumni  designers of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design and well known New Brunswick women will join together once again to shine the light on women’s heart health at Casino New Brunswick in Moncton, NB on April 28, 2012.  The video project will continue production over the next month and will then be turned over to editors Jennifer Chiasson and Nathalie Rayne. For more information on the Heart and Stroke Foundation or the Heart Truth Fashion Gala, please visit their website.


  • The 4th Annual Fredericton 48 Hour Film Competition will be taking place in from February 17-19, 2012. In  this competition, teams of up to 10 people who will write, shoot and edit a film of 10 minutes (or less) in 48 hours. For further information please see the Facebook group.


  • The 1st Annual Moncton 48 Hour Film Competition will take place from March 23-25, 2012. Please see the Facebook group for more details.


  • The New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative has launched its annual workshop series. For information on workshops in Fredericton, Moncton, and Saint John, please click here.


  • New Brunswick Films for a New Brunswick Theatre

10 New Brunswick short films will be shown in Ottawa on March 3, 2012 as part of a fundraiser for
the Paramount  Theatre Project to save the old Paramount Theatre in Saint John, NB. One of the films
shown will be WIFT-AT member  (and Tidings editor!) Britany Sparrow’s film Gamers: A Love Story.
For more information visit the Facebook group.


PEI Pulse
by Millefiore Clarkes


  • Island Media Arts Festival Deadline Approaching!

Filmmakers from the Atlantic Provinces are encouraged to submit their short films (30 min or under) to this great and  growing festival on PEI. Submission is free. All successful applicants receive an Artist Fee. IMAF is an initiative of The Island Media Arts Co-op. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: FEBRUARY 15TH 2012 (POST-MARKED)

More info can be found here.


  • PEI Screenwriter’s Bootcamp Open for Submissions

The PEI Screenwriter’s Bootcamp is calling for submissions. The deadline is March 26, 2012. The Bootcamp is scheduled to take placeJune 4-8 2012. There are three workshops being offered: Writing a Treatment, Writing a First Draft, and Writing for the Small Screen. All the details are on the website.


  • The Island Film Factory’s Digital Media Workshops

The IFF’s Digital Media Workshops are organized and underway. Participants have been selected from PEI who display an accomplished skill-set in specific aspects of the industry, but who require additional training to take them to the next level professionally. The idea behind these workshops is to create a more sustainable Film and Media sector indigenously on PEI.  The workshops are:

Production Manager – January 25-29 –Cathy Grant

Director of Photography – February 22-26 – Jeff Wheaton

Field Audio Recording – February 24-26 – Aram Kouyoumdjian

Grip/Gaffer/Electric – February 24-26 – Corey Bulger

Long form Drama Editing – March 23-25 – Chris Cooper

Comedy Editing – April 13-15 – Kimberlee McTaggert

Online Editing – March 30-April 1- Ken Petersen

Sound Design – March 2-4 – Steven Naylor

All information can be found here.


NL Pulse
by Ruth Lawrence


  •  Barbara Doran has been busy preparing for the broadcast of her most recent production, Life Below Zero, on CBC TV’s Doc Zone on February 9, 2012. Directed by Josh Freed, this documentary looks at how winter affects us as Canadians. Life Below Zero poses the question…Winter, do we love it or do we leave it? This is the second co-production from Morag Loves Company with Josh Freed Films, after their successful documentary Where Did I Put…My Memory? in 2010.


  • WIFT-AT’s St. John’s Women’s Film Club starts on February 7, 2012 with 10 participants meeting once a month at Erin’s Pub to discuss a previously viewed film. In late February, the screenwriting group begins its twice monthly meetings. For more info, contact Ruth Lawrence at


What’s Happening at WIFT-AT?


Halifax’s Reel Talk: Conversations with Women in Film and Television begins a new season of monthly Conversations in February at Carbon Arc. Candid, generous, inspiring, challenging, these one-on-one conversations offer a chance to spend the evening getting to know one artist and her work. In a focused, intimate setting, the live interview style is reminiscent of Inside The Actor’s Studio. Check back soon for this year’s line up of guests.

February 7th: Women’s Film Club – St. John’s will begin its monthly screening series.

WIFT-AT will partner with St. Thomas University to present a screening of Miss Representation in February (date TBC).

April 10th: Join us in Moncton as WIFT-AT presents La Génie de Jacques Brel, une Soirée Rencontre avec la Cinéaste Annett Wolf. The conversation with this award winning journalist, interviewer, filmmaker will take place at Moncton`s Aberdeen Cultural Centre and will include a screening of Annett’s remarkable hour long interview with Jacques Brel.

April 13th: This year as part of The Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival, WIFT-AT will present Women in Atlantic Canada, a collection of short films made by women from the Atlantic Provinces.

For more information on WIFT-AT events please contact


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NL Pulse January 2012

NL Pulse Four Sisters 1 300x230 NL Pulse January 2012
Four Sisters

NL Pulse
by  Ruth Lawrence

  • Four Sisters, the short film by NL screenwriter Wanda Nolan, is now showing at the NSI online film festival. Her feature for Four Sisters is in development with Opportunity Knox Inc. with generous support from the NLFDC for the treatment portion of the project. Wanda is also working on a novel called Rabbittown.
  • NL filmmaker Anita Reilly McGee has been very busy mentoring for the RBC Michelle Jackson Emerging Filmmaker Award. She is the Executive Producer for Ruth Lawrence’s film Two Square Feet.

NL Pulse November 2011

SJIWFF Promo1 150x150 NL Pulse November 2011


NL Pulse
by Ruth Lawrence


  • Veteran NL filmmaker Rosemary House at Rock Island Movies is working at breakneck pace this month. Besides working on her final draft for the feature adaptation of Hold Fast, the company is holding province-wide youth auditions for an anticipated spring shoot. Rosemary is also finishing up the sound edit and music on her new Irish short, Safe Home as well as a proposal to Irish broadcaster TG4 for a six-part series (in Gaelic and English).


  • When Elsa Morena is not plotting world domination, she’s writing on Best Boy Entertainment’s pre-school children’s show, Mickey. She is also prepping her Picture Start film, Winners, which will go into production in April 2012.


  • WIFT-AT board member Ruth Lawrence is the 2011 winner of the RBC Michelle Jackson Emerging Filmmaker Award from the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival and is now prepping to shoot the short film, Two Square Feet, starring Jeanne Beker.


  • The 22nd Annual St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival, which ran from October 18-22 this year, was a smashing success. We screened 80 films (out of 468 submissions) to enthusiastic, sold-out crowds. Highlights this year included the world premiere of NL filmmaker Deanne Foley’s first feature Beat Down, a sold-out screening of Miss Representation sponsored by WIFT-AT and the screening of 16 other strong Newfoundland-made films. We’re now gearing up for Scene and Heard, our annual screening to celebrate International Women’s Day.


  • Over the last few months, NL filmmaker Jordan Canning has been submitting her short, Oliver Bump’s Birthday, to festivals. So far, it has played in Vancouver, St. John’s, and Seattle, and she travelled with it to the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax. In September, she was one of the participants of the Talent Lab at the Toronto International Film Festival. In October, she spent five weeks in New Brunswick as script supervisor on the CBC basketball movie, The Phantoms. And now she’s back to focusing on writing another draft of Oddly Flowers, the feature adaptation of Come, Thou Tortoise, to be produced by Paul Pope.
  • Stay tuned for WIFT-Atlantic programs taking place in St. John’s. More info coming soon.

(This article first appeared in Tidings Issue 14, Nov. 28, 2011)