MEMBER PROFILE: Kristin Santos

P1030986 MEMBER PROFILE: Kristin Santos
Who am I?

Hello fellow Filmer’s!  My name is Kristin Santos.  I have a BA in Architectural Design with a minor in Art History.  In 1987, I put myself through college at the State University of New York as a Lighting Designer for theatrical arts and caught the theatre bug early on in my career.

In 1995, I traveled to New Orleans with a group of thespians out of Provincetown to tech and design a show in New Orleans.  Little did I know that the community in New Orleans would take me in as one of their own.  After working in Lighting Design, Technical Design, Production Management and mural creation for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, The Big Easy Awards, House of Blues, Tipitina’s, Rhythm and Muse, A New Muse, and The New Orleans Convention Center, I procured an art studio in Silver City New Mexico in 2001 and began working my favorite gigs in New Orleans while showing my paintings on an international level.

In 2005 tragedy struck New Orleans and I found myself for the first time in my life without my usual income.  I then began a faux finishing business (Faux Pas) in New Mexico and California and moved the three trash bags worth of what was left of me in New Orleans to the high desert in California.  But I returned often to my town to help with relief work and to begin a school program from displaced children of the storm.  To add insult to injury, my house then burned down in Pioneertown during the California ridge fires that were so often sprouting up in the wilderness.

It was in 2006 that the opportunity to move to Vancouver BC came upon me and I set up shop as the Executive Administrator of Sound Perspectives.  There I worked in the Vancouver film industry in sound, costuming, PA, storyboards, casting, music videos, commercials, reality TV, and then I eventually landed a job as Production Designer for the short award winning film “Henry’s Glasses”.  The medium of film began to be my new pallet as it was a place where all of my combined skills could bear fruit.


Where am I based?

I am based out of the beautiful province of Prince Edward Island.  I presently travel and work in New York, New Orleans, California, and Vancouver BC. I am interested in creating local relationships in the film industry in Halifax and in the North Eastern Atlantic areas.


What do I do?

I am a Director, Production Manager, Production Designer, Art Director, Lighting Designer & Visual Artist which is inclusive of storyboards, murals, set painting & illustrations.  My island business is called Art PEI which is a large umbrella that encompasses all of my skills.


What can I do for others/what services I provide?

I am currently working on creating a music video industry in PEI with professional abilities (see Brooke Miller’s “Cannonball” long from on UTube).  I would be interested in taking work in Direction, Production Design, Lighting Design, Art Direction and Production Management in the local Atlantic areas.


What drew me into the industry?

The idea that I could find a medium that encompassed all of my skills and imagination.  That in film there are no limits to what one can create and produce.  I enjoy developing creative relationships with others and enabling working environments of mutual respect.


If I had a magic wand . . . .

I would see a sustainable industry developed here on PEI that mentored others and shared resources and relationships with the surrounding Atlantic industry.  I would like to see this industry receive international recognition, cultivate relationships from abroad, be known for it’s professionalism and quality, set a new standard for the industry in terms of fostering respect for others & create it under the umbrella of an environmentally conscious standard.


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