Women’s Film Club – St. John’s

Let’s talk films!

This ‘club’ is for those interested in watching and discussing feature films directed and/or written by women.

What we’re watching:

June 5th, 2o12: An Unreasonable Man, co-written/directed/produced by Henriette Mantel

About film club:

Borrowing from the popular home book club idea, women from diverse backgrounds are invited to join us for a monthly informal discussion of films by women from around the world and around the corner. Selections can be chosen from a broad spectrum but will be easily available for rental or loan and may be from the current cinema offerings.

Members should watch the selection before coming to the film club to allow for a fulsome discussion and active participation. This program is open to both genders, of course, and knowledge of or participation in the film industry is not required.

Film selections will be announced at the start of each new gathering. Your suggestions are always welcome.

When: on the first Tuesday of every month at 8 pm. First Meeting February 7th
Cost: free to WIFT-AT members/$20 for one year / drop ins $2 (we’ll be selling WIFT-AT memberships at the door icon smile Women’s Film Club   St. John’s
Sign up: email Ruth Lawrence bluepinionfilms [at] gmail.com to get on the contact list.

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