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  1. says


    It is very exciting to finally have a WIFT Chapter on the East coast.

    Creative Women Workshops Association (CWWA) is pleased to reach out to mid-career women directors in the Atlantic region to offer the support and opportunities available through the Women In the Director’s Chair program.

    When it is appropriate for you please consider linking your web site to ours.

    As we continue our partnership with the St John’s IWFF through the CTV WIDC Career Advancement Module which includes travel grants to attend the festival, I would also like to find a way to visit the regions represented by this new Chapter.

    Best wishes for great success,

    Carol Whiteman
    President & CEO, Creative Women Workshops Association (CWWA)
    Producer, The Women In the Director’s Chair Workshop

  2. Cheryl Wagner says

    Chris . .

    can’t remember if I have paid my $25 membership . .no paper trail in my messy office ! i need staff . . . .

    hope you are rockin’


  3. says

    Dear Jan Miller:

    Smashing job, Jan. Enjoyed every minute of it. Had an audition on Sunday so could not attend any WIF-T that day, but did use your advice and tried to think of the directors whom I was pitching my acting skills and writing skills to as my guests. I played host in my mind, and it just gave it a wholy different, more confident placement of my feet on the ground. You gave an extraordinary amount of great advice in a succinct space of time, and the same was true of the music rights workshop. Practical, usable advice. The energy of the conference was very positive, and the age range delightfully well spread. I spoke out at the panel and do hope that in doing so, I did not offend Shandi, Barbara, Vicki or Shaun. I hold all four in the highest esteem, but will always wave the flag of the writer as the very foundation (invisible) of any good film, and the playwright as the basis of the screen writer. May I do a session on such next year? Perhaps a debate with Shandi? She is such a sport and such a heroine. I think we could fan up some creative sparks! Best to everyone who organized and presented, and thanks for the stimulation in an otherwise all-work-and-no-play – or rather all-work-for-all-plays -makes-Carol-a-dull-girl phase of my life!

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